A Mixer for Startup Mixology

Frank Gruber, a long time friend, recently released a book, Startup Mixology: Tech Cocktail’s Guide to Building, Growing, and Celebrating Startup Success.

The book is filled with a bunch of great stuff for any entrepreneur.  Each section has a story, actions to take, the harsh reality, and suggestions for how to enjoy the journey. For a sense of the book, take a look at how it is structured and the table of contents.

Frank is going to be in Boulder in a couple of weeks and I’m hosting a book launch party for him. I’ll sit down with Frank for the better part of an hour to talk about our views on how to celebrate the act of entrepreneurship. We’ll then hang out for a while.

The event is on 10/16 at 6:00pm. Pick up a ticket here.

The ticket costs a few dollars and every single one of those dollars goes to Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado. Everyone who attends is getting a copy of the book, which I’m covering.

If you are not in Boulder or can’t make it to this event, grab a copy of Frank’s book here. It’ll be worth your time.

  • I actually bought this book a while back but haven’t gotten around to reading it. However, I am looking forward to it as I have only heard/read great reviews about it.

  • I think I’m going to move to Boulder so that I can take advantage of all these great activities and community – and fresh air, and trails, and skiing, and and and… 😉

  • Bruce Clark

    Any chance of a live stream for those of us who cannot make it?

  • MyCircles

    AWESOME!!! Startup Mixology is a good, easy read with some great insight. Happy to say I was a part of the book launch in Miami and Frank has our support down here!