Fostering a Startup and Innovation Ecosystem

UP Global just released a great new white paper titled Fostering a Startup and Innovation Ecosystem. As you might know, I’m on the board of UP Global and think they are doing amazing things for startup communities around the world.

Our friends at Google for Entrepreneurs helped with this and I’m doing a hangout with Mary Grove (Director, Google for Entrepreneurs) and Marc Nager (UP Global CEO) on Tuesday September 23rd, 2014 11am PDT for 40 minutes.

Join us as we discuss thriving startup communities and creating alignment and not just density in your community.

Enjoy the white paper and join us for the hangout.

  • Rick

    “immigration is key to any entrepreneurial ecosystem”
    Why would entrepreneurs need immigrants when they have local resources to tap? I’m not against immigration but I think it’s bad to imagine that entrepreneurs *need* immigration. I see companies looking for emps who say they can’t find workers in the US. But when I contact them to help I quickly find out they just don’t know how to put local resources to work.
    There are plenty of unemployed workers here in the US that have the needed skills. Why are companies struggling to realize that?

    • need tech enabled people. if existing unemployed people want to retrain and become coders etc, they will be welcome at a lot of jobs.

      • Rick

        Awesome! I find people who can code that are looking for work. Most say they send in dozens of resumes but don’t find work. How can they find the jobs you’re talking about?

  • William R. Mosby

    There are a lot of people who claim to be tech workers who have been rendered essentially unemployable around the age of 45 or so. Do you believe that there is a problem of obsolescence, laziness, age discrimination, lack of ability of anybody to hold down a job and keep up with rapid technological advancements, or do you believe that people who claim to have been sidelined at some early age are just not telling the truth? My guess is that “Flexible employment” doesn’t sound like such a great thing to people who may have found that they are less good and less bright than the best and brightest that can be found in the world. Is it fair to make a normally-distributed national population compete with only the best from the rest of the world?

    • Rick

      It’s propaganda. There is a particular development environment that I’ve used since it was invented. I can run circles around most any but the best of the best. Like for example the people who invented and developed the environment. I’ve called to help companies that claim they can’t find people to do that type of work. But I get nowhere. They stall and otherwise waste my time. They have 15 years experience on the phone with them but they don’t take advantage of it.
      I don’t know for sure what the issue is. I can tell you from talking with tech workers I know who have top-level skills that they would like work but they can’t find it. Many are taking jobs that waste their skills while they watch IT departments fight with less skilled workers.
      I don’t have the answers but I do see the problems.

  • Looking forward to the Google hangout tonight. This paper is really insightful and thorough from what I’ve read so far. My interest in innovation isn’t solely in tech, but the terms run synonymous I figure I should dip my toes a bit.

  • Gianmarco Carnovale

    I was not aware of this organization. This is a great initiative, thanks for sharing, I’ll submit immediately my request to join the organization!