Venture Deals Class With The Kauffman Fellows Academy – Version 2

This spring Jason Mendelson and I taught a class called Venture Deals with the Kauffman Fellows Academy. It was a blast so we’ve decided to do it again.

KFA uses NovoEd as their platform. Jason and I spent two days recording videos around our Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist explaining each section and going deeper with Q&A. The course is a MOOC that includes significant Q&A that I participated in throughout the course, along with a weekly Google Hangout covering different topics.

Some of the reviews from the course kind of say it all:

  • “It’s one thing to read a book, blog, article, etc about venture deals but the process of assignments with a team is like doing a virtual reality journey – you feel as if you are actually pitching a VC. Can’t compare this to reading an article.”
  • “Team based, good chance to interact with other students”
  • “The quality of the video content, as it complemented the book, was fantastic.”
  • “Straight forward approach to learning about VC deals “
  • “A course at a university would have charged $2,000 to $3,000 and likely not have the caliber of instructors.”
  • “These Google Hangouts are priceless and Brad Feld has been outstanding on this course.”
  • “The Venture Deals class is awesome because it bridges the trust deficit between Founders and VC’s”

Sign up for the course now – it’ll be running from June 16th to August 2nd. Use the discount code 2VD20 to get 20% off the price of the course.

  • Eddie Wharton

    I took the class. It was awesome. It really does a great job of explaining who the different parties are in a venture capital deal, what their incentives are and how they will feel about different terms. The class also goes over the different deal terms and explains which ones are standard, which ones are important and which ones are just fodder for lawyers to be competitive with each other (and charge their clients extra).

    I highly recommend the class. (for whatever that’s worth)

    • Thx @eddie_wharton:disqus

  • brianrhea

    Glad to see this being offered again. I missed the first time around, but just signed up for this one!

    • Awesome – looking forward to seeing you there.

  • Pierre

    Would love to take the class, but summer is a bad time. Do you forsee another round?

    • Yup – we’ll keep doing it.

  • Oli Morgan

    Brad – really enjoying the blog. Would like to join you on the course (did Chuck Eesley’s E145 recently) and was wondering what time you schedule your hangouts. PST is a killer for comms in the UK… perhaps I will just have to ‘man-up’ and get some better coffee.

    • It’s generally end of the day PST so probably pretty rough for you.

      • Oli Morgan

        Yeah your 6pm is my 2am – Will check in next time (guessing you are doing 1 course per year?)