Tickets for #BoulderWin Event – June 4th

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about an event a bunch of us in the Boulder startup community are putting together called #BoulderWin, a celebration for the sale of Gnip to Twitter. Instead of having a secretive closing dinner for a small number of folks, we are going to have a big party to welcome Twitter to town.

#BoulderWin is happening on June 4th from 7pm – 10pm at the Boulder Theater.

You must register to attend and tickets cost $20 per person. All of the proceeds are going to Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado. There are a limited number of tickets available and it’s first come first served.

In addition to the proceeds from the sales of the tickets, I’ll be matching the $4,000 with a personal gift of $4,000 from me and my wife Amy Batchelor to the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado. And, my partners at Foundry Group are sponsoring the event, along with a bunch of other local companies including:

These companies represent a big part of what makes Boulder such a great place for entrepreneurs.  Thanks for everything you do!

Once again, you can get your tickets here.

  • Natty Zola

    This is a fantastic idea. Congrats to the whole community and everyone who worked so hard to grow such a special business. Excited to be there.

  • channel_one_networks

    Twitter and Gnip. OMG. more flim for the flam. We don’t really much like twitter. In fact I started a blog spot blog about how irresponsible twitter management team is and unresponsive they are. Lets start with the number of stalkings and murders twitter is responsible for all across the world. No one wants to talk about that. Twitter is unresponsive. Twitter is not human. Twitter is a prime example of thought control. How about their stock ? it sucks . it is a terrible investment. Their financial model ? They don’t have one. Have you ever tried to use twitter ads. they are horrible compared to Google or even Face book. Both of whom show a profit. Twitter and Gnip are money sucks and they could both easily end up in the tank like a lot of other boulder companies who came before them. sorry not a believer.