Help DumpLord420 Get His Way With Amplitude

My friends at Harmonix are running a Kickstarter campaign to bring back Amplitude, one of their classic games. It was originally done in the early 2000’s for the Sony PS2. This campaign will bring it up to date for the Sony PS3 and PS4.

It was all started by an online post from someone named DumpLord420. Watch the Kickstarter video to hear the backstory and see what they are doing. And, if you are a video game, or Harmonix, fan boy (or fan girl), some Harmonix love is just a few Kickstarter clicks away.

  • awaldstein

    Kickstarter is terrific for game communities to rebirth old classics.

    My buddies from InXile out of the old Interplay game company have been doing this real successfully with a number of classics.

    Good luck with this one!

  • Xerographica

    Six years ago you wrote a post on crowdfunding government. If you’re still interested in the idea…here’s the tax choice facebook page and the tax choice reddit page.