The Colorado CEO Jobs List

A few years ago, David Cohen and I started a Colorado CEO Jobs list in response to the regular stream of inbound email we got from folks looking to move to Colorado and interested in tech-related jobs. We seeded this list with CEOs from companies Foundry Group and Techstars had invested in. As other CEOs requested access to the list, we added them.

The list was managed in Yahoo Groups and had about 100 CEOs on it. It was simple – emails from people looking for jobs came to me or David and we forwarded them to the list. The hit rate was very high – I regularly get feedback from people that they’ve ended up with multiple interviews and a job from the introduction.

Both David and I felt like the list was pretty tedious to manage in Yahoo Group so about three months ago we restarted it and made it a Google Private Community. We culled the list a little and re-invited everyone, ending up with 56 active CEOs. We’ve been using the Google Private Community for a while and are comfortable that it’s a significant improvement over the Yahoo Group.

We are still keeping it private for now but are looking for any CEOs of tech companies in Colorado who want to join the list as we expand it from Foundry / Techstars related companies. Our goal is to have a wide audience of CEOs for anyone coming to Colorado who is looking for a tech related job.

We are keeping the list ONLY to CEOs for now as we plan to expand some of the things we are doing with the list.

So, if you are a CEO of a tech company in Colorado and want to be on our Colorado CEO Jobs List, just email me ([email protected]).

And – if you are looking for a job in a Colorado tech company, email me also and I’ll forward your info to the list.

  • Dave Wright

    So I’m on the list, and I’ve found it useful, but at my company’s stage it would be far more helpful to have someone from our HR/Recruiting group on the list instead, as I’m not even aware of all the positions we’re recruiting for (or planning to) in the next few months…. reaching out to CEOs is great, but once you’re beyond 20 people, most CEOs aren’t doing the hiring any more.

    • Totally understand and agree. Our plan is to use this for more than just recruiting. Given the way the emails are set up, you can either just bounce the recruiting ones to HR or even set up a rule based on the header.

  • Rob

    I’m new here and don’t mean to be Captain Obvious if this has already been explored. But, if you don’t mind my asking, why are you using a 3rd-party service at all? Why is this not already your own online web application with you physically owning the data and its logic?

    If building the application itself is the problem, I’m the solution who’s willing to architect, build, deploy, monitor, report on and maintain it for the simple credit of having done so. And, if successful, an acceptable bonus would be a recommendation on LinkedIn. In any case, you’ll just pay to host it on your own account on your own choice of hosting service (with a likely recommendation from me toward AWS). I will merely build, deploy and/or administer it for you.

    Because it should exist.

    Anyway, I have no idea how to get in touch with you, but I’m a software developer with 20+ years of experience who thinks this should exist. I’ll assume you’ll find me if you want to follow up on this offer, and deleting this comment is a perfectly acceptable no.

    • Actually, I have no real interest in owning an app like this. For now, we are doing a simple community level app – one step up from an email list.

      • Rob

        That’s about what I was going to recommend as well as leveraging some existing software to get there quickly. Best of luck in your endeavors!

        [edited to remove what, in hindsight, seemed spammy]