Supporting the New Museum of Boulder

Amy and I recently agreed to support the new Museum of Boulder with a substantial gift that entitles us to sponsor all the bathrooms in the new museum.

This highly interactive museum of history, science, and technology of Boulder will be located in the old Masonic Lodge building at the corner of Pine and Broadway.  The Boulder History Museum purchased that building last year and is raising money for the renovation of the building and the construction of the new exhibits and facilities.

The “old” museum is located at 12th and Euclid in the Harbeck House and, while this is a beautiful old house, it lacks the space for the exhibits and programs that are envisioned for the new museum.

The new museum (renamed the Museum of Boulder because of its greatly expanded scope) will include a permanent exhibit space exploring the past, present, and future of Boulder and  a large temporary exhibit gallery so that Boulder can host Smithsonian quality traveling exhibits.  The building will also contain a children’s museum, expanded educational facilities, and a Maker Space.  Permanent exhibits will include the overall history of Boulder and the evolution of the Food, Fitness, Science and Technology innovations, and businesses in Boulder.

Amy and I are pleased to support the campaign to build the new museum and urge others to contribute to this worthwhile cause.  For more information or to get a tour of the new building, contact Nancy Geyer, the CEO of the Museum, at [email protected].

  • I have been the primary sponsor of all the bathrooms in my house for the past 15 years.

    • You are a good man.

  • Wow, big time for them. The masonic lodge looks like a legit Museum building, must be exciting.

    • The lodge is SUPER COOL. I took some pictures a while ago when I was visiting – here are a few.

      • Well there is going to be a lot of renovation to be done to rotate those rooms 90 degrees.

        • Hah – yeah – damn iPhone upload.

  • Iris Soda Cracker

    Their web site is from hunger and they need some apps to tell their story. Likely they sould start with the iPad and then late go to Google and Microsoft. They could even put JAVA apps on the web. Again they have a long way to go….