Robots, Programming, and Education

Ever since Orbotix was founded, we’ve been talking about robots and education and how Sphero could play a role. Last week, my friends at Orbotix rolled out a new program called SPRK which stands for Schools, Parents, Robots, and Kids. They’ve already got six lesson plans up with more coming.

To get a feel for the potential of Sphero in education, take five minutes out of your day and watch the video below. At the minimum, it’ll make you smile.

  • Kudos to Orbotix for actually doing this in a productive manner! So many companies suggest that their product might be good in education, but leave it at that. Teachers and Professors don’t have the time to journey the learning curve and come up with unique lesson plans for technology in a timely manner. For Orbotix to actually come up with lesson plans, create apps for those plans, and to spell it out on the site in 3 easy steps is just… a dream for a teacher. I hope that institutions around the country hear about the SPRK program and have the funding to take advantage of it.

    • Thx Erica. Lots more coming!

  • Physical interactions are an amazing way to get students excited about programming. I love teaching using Arduino: even just making an LED blink vs the traditional “hello world” programming approach makes students of all ages light up.

    I’ll have to grab a sphero and ideate with it.