Book: Things A Little Bird Told Me

There will be a lot of books written about the story of Twitter. As far as I know, there have now been two, but there are probably 71 more coming out soon.

Biz Stone’s new book, Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind is outstanding.

I’ve read two really awesome books in the past month that combine first person startup accounts with personal philosophy and advice. Biz’s is the second. Ben Horowitz’s book The Hard Thing About Hard Things is the other.

Ok – enough effusiveness. There is a simple reason these two books are outstanding. They both mix the author’s direct and very relevant experience with their personal philosophy and lessons learned from the experience. While moments of Ben’s book are dramatic, Biz tells the story of Twitter in an understated way. He’s fun and playful while covering enough of what happened so you have a feel for it. But it’s not overwrought with drama.

Instead, Biz focuses on highlighting critical moments, and key experiences that he had, which help the reader understand the path of a remarkable company. I’ve heard most of the stories before, although a few were new to me. Biz drills into the essence of what matters and not the noise surrounding it. As a result, I felt like I could really process the experience and understand the lessons he learned, rather than be distracted by stuff around the edges.

While I don’t know Biz, I immediately related to him. He drew me in. He’s a guy I’d like to hang out with. Someone I’d like to know, who I’d be happy to go into battle with, or just have a long playful dinner. Basically, he’s real.

If you are an entrepreneur, or a student of entrepreneurship, Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind is another must-read on my list.

  • oh…i will read it for sure…thanks for sharing it…I read it because you recommended it

  • Elizabeth Golluscio

    Have you read Arianna Huffington’s Thrive? and if so, what did you think?


    I learned a new word from your post “effusiveness”. Awesome! Thanks.

    • One of my favorite words.

  • Did you see Biz on Colbert? I’m looking forward to reading his book – just ordered it.

    Recently finished Ben’s book and it was great. A nice reminder that a ton of hard work and pain goes into building something great. I had the chance to hear Ben speak at a meet-up in NYC hosted by The Phat Startup. He is a lot of fun and shared some additional pearls.

  • Joe Wilkinson

    Always love your book recommendation. Curious to know if you think still reading Hatching Twitter is worth it? I haven’t read either, but wonder if I would be missing too much context by just reading Biz’s book, compared to say reading Hatching Twitter first, then Things a Little Bird Told Me.

    • Totally different – can be read separately. If you like drama, go for Hatching Twitter. Here’s a post on why I struggled with it.

      • Joe Wilkinson

        Your post on Hatching Twitter, as well as a few other people with similar thoughts is why I’ve actually held off on reading it so far; not really into the drama. Really good to know you can read them separately though, as I am still interested in the Twitter story. Can’t wait to dive into it.

  • Thank you for recommending this book. I just finished reading it…Please keep your recommendation coming!