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This is a public service announcement for all entrepreneurs and investors. Remember not to take yourself too seriously. At least not all the time.

In that vein, the following Real Life Conference Call reminds of us the pain of trying too hard.

And we’ll end this morning’s video fest with my other alter-ego from Sesame Street – Animal – doing his thing on the drums, looking just like I do when I try to play them.

  • Elia Freedman

    I love the conference call one. Oh, man, was that spot on!

    Once correction: Animal was on the Muppet Show, not Sesame Street. Only Kermit was on both. (Hey, this is the kind of important knowledge we all should have! :-)

    • bfeld

      Totally true! I always think of Animal and everything “Muppet Show” as Sesame Street since Sesame Street was the thing when I was a kid.

  • Pete Griffiths

    Hahaha – conf call. Nice.

  • Chris Heivly

    I cant be the first one to call out your real alter-ego . . . Geddy Lee of Rush.

    • bfeld

      Yeah – that’s a common comparison…


    Real Life Conference Call was pretty funny.
    I hope they remembered to have a meeting to plan that meeting…

  • Brandon Burns

    Love this.