BetaBrand Embraces Comic Sans

One of the super crazy fun companies we are investors in is Betabrand. At this point, half of my new wardrobe comes from them.

They are hunting for a new amazing UI/UX developer. But – to show how much they want someone, they’ve designed an incredibly hideous new look for their site.

They’ve got blink tags, Comic Sans, spinning boxes, Nyan cat cursors, Papyrus, an on fire Under Construction prompt, and really bad color overlays. It reminds me of a Geocities page I once created.

Help our friends at Betabrand out. If you are a UI/UX god or goddess, here’s what they are looking for. And – while you are at it – buy some new disco pants.

  • R. J. Zimmerman

    Loved it!

  • What they want is a designer. Not a developer.

    • Chris Lindland

      While, yes, today’s homepage joke is very design-oriented, we are looking gor a capable coder to fill this position — which why we’ve included the key “developer” code word.

      • Chris, here’s some friendly, sincere advice:

        I urge you to take 10 minutes to read this:

        And since you’re in SF (I think), talk to someone you know here:

        And then give second thought to the notion of hiring a developer to do a designers job.

        There will always be developers who can design, and designers who can code but, as with anything, expertise generates the best results.

        Happy talent hunting.

        • Chris Lindland

          Sure. Glad to. I’ll share with my head of engineering and PM as well.

  • panterosa,

    Love the humor and fun of Betabrand! The thing is I have a full wardrobe of silver spandex, disco, groovy clothing including chromed jeans. Have they been following me around??
    Too bad they want a dev. I don’t code, I’m a just designer who partied at Studio 54 in her teens.

  • Guest

    Too bad I’m just a designer….. I have a Full wardrobe of silver gear started in Studio 54 days. Perhaps Betabrand have been following me around?