Please Stop Sending Me Holiday Email Cards

I woke up this morning to another wave of holiday email cards. I had over 50 of them this morning. Yesterday I probably had at least 50 – by the end of the day it was likely over 100.


I’ve never really understood the physical holiday card thing. I think it’s a secret ploy by the US Government to keep the USPS in business. I used to get a lot of Merry Christmas cards, which just annoyed me since I’m jewish and don’t celebrate Christmas. The world has become more politically (or religiously) correct so these are now Happy Holiday cards.

Amy likes these so you can keep sending the physical ones to us, especially if they have a nice photo of you or a story about what you did this year. But please stop sending the email ones to me.

Do a holiday video instead. Like one of these.



Brad “I’m only a little grinchy this year” Feld

  • Thomas Fox

    I’m with you, B… Just more SPAM. 🙂 Bah humbug.

  • Dave Girouard

    sooooo grumpy. someday you’ll wish you not only got more of them but replied with a thank you to each!

    • I tried that a few times and got (a) email bounces (since they were just from mailing lists) and (b) black holes since I knew I was replying to “[email protected]

      I’ve unsubscribed from some ridiculous number of email lists in the last few weeks (1,000)? Massively lowered my inbox overhead. So this most recent flood was very noticeable especially since I know I didn’t opt-in to these lists – people just created them from their address books.

      Of course, a few that I responded to responded with “Really, you don’t want my email?” which really has no rational answer.

      • which really has no rational answer.

        +1000! 🙂

  • David Sherman

    How can there be only one comment on this so far? LMAO
    What does the BRAD say?……. No more X-Mas cards please!

  • JLM

    Haha, Scrooge lives.

    The spirit of the season indeed.

    You may be taking it all a bit seriously including yourself.

    Merry Christmas!


    • Nah – I never take myself seriously. That’s why I can be scroogy sometimes!

      • JLM

        May want to get that mirror recalibrated.

        Some very simple shit seems to peeve you. Dwell on it really.

        Count your blessings, don’t catalog your irritants. You have been blessed beyond measure.

        If your biggest beef is too many Christmas cards — well, then, you surely need to get your timing and head space checked. [Do you know from whence that term comes?]

        Merry Christmas!


        • What’s a pet peeve if it isn’t simple shit that is an irritant?

          • JLM

            Haha, it’s insignificant simple shit that is an irritant only to a single self centered person?

            Merry Christmas


          • Ok then.

          • RBC

            Have to say I’m with Brad on this one – the meaningless e-card worse than not sending one at all. If you really cared you’d send enstrom almond toffee!

          • that pet peeve is gonna need to eat

  • Funny, I received Terry’s email this morning. It was creative. FRC’s was a bit too long, but well done. They must have studied the Foundry Group’s videos 🙂

  • osmanparvez

    My favorite one this year was receiving a BCC holiday e-mail. Nothing warms the cockles of my heart like a BCC.

    • Nick Ambrose

      Indeed. Or a (rather lame) card sent by “The leadership team” who have so far Laid Off (Or RIF’d) over 100 people, cut the vacation policy and cancelled the 401(k) match…but Oh that card more than made up for it !

  • Alex Iskold


  • Startup New Zealand

    I would agree with the holiday greeting overdose and its a pain. Nevertheless being annoyed by Christmas cards reason being you dont celebrate Christmas is puzzling. I am Hindu but celebrate and enjoy all aspects of Christmas and I make myself do it to appreciate other cultures and religions, the only thing I dont like about Christmas is the long holiday breaks when the world can be working

    • We all have our baggage from our childhood. Disliking Christmas is one of my pieces of baggage. I’ve tried hard to get over myself about it and have mostly achieved piece with it.

  • benberkowitz

    Ha. Bah Humbug. We did send holiday greeting cards for the first time at SeeClickFix this year. Good thing I did a poor job of remembering to add bloggers who have added value to my life this year 😉

    Happy Holidays!

    • Awesome – glad you missed me. I much prefer the comment!

  • Yeah, its CRM on autopilot. “Remember me this fiscal year!” Funny, so many think it’s a great opportunity to reach people that it turns into a terrible opportunity I would wait a few weeks… and send out an ecard for National Nothing Day, Jan 16th.

    • I’m a huge fan of National Nothing Day.

      • Nice, got any plans?

        • Not yet. I think I’ll just do a bunch of nothing.

  • Mark Gavagan

    What’s your policy on fruitcake? (kidding)

    • Gack

      • DaveJ

        Brad knows more about how fruitcake is made than any of the readers on his blog.

        • @DaveJ, I actually spent seven years as an apprentice and journeyman in an artisan fruitcake brasserie in France, then lived in a Bulgarian monastery for a decade, baking fruitcakes under a vow of silence. I’ve exceeded Gladwell’s the 10,000 hours and look forward to many more.

  • @scalingwalls

    @Marc Reading this with my 2yr old on my lap – she saw the fruitcake pic, pointed and said “yuck!”. Unprompted. Ha.