Jackson Pollock Would Have Loved Sphero

Jackson Pollock is one of my favorite abstract expressionists. So, when Sphero decided to dance around in NY City and do an art project, he immediately came to mind.

If you wonder how kids describe a Sphero, this short video will make you smile. And then laugh. And then smile some more. One of these kids needs to be on The Voice.

Sphero says, “buy me, buy me, buy me.”

  • A timely video… how is Sphero’s carpet performance?

  • Leonard Welter

    This is very very cool – Sphero could be a great tool to introduce/teach robotics. As well as art!

  • Huge Jackson Pollack fan.

    Going to buy one to amuse me and my cat Sam.

  • Kid video is cute but would have been a home run if they just showed the kids *actually* playing with the Sphero (and their reactions to it).

    The art one does a much better job for that reason (you get to see the item in action a little bit).

  • Love the world’s first sphero condom that they used during the art project!