Random Acts of Kindness – Wish of a Lifetime

I adore Jeremy Bloom. He co-founded Integrate, which we are investors in. I’ve interviewed him for the Entrepreneurs Unplugged series I do at CU Boulder. We’ve been part of a few events together. He’s got an enormous heart, soul, and brain.

A while ago he created a foundation called Wish of a Lifetime. It’s a magnificent example of what I call “Random Acts of Kindness” and is a deep part of my value system.

Amy emailed me a great article in the Denver Post from earlier this week titled Dreams come true, thanks to Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime Foundation. Amy and I gave a major gift last year and just agreed to make another gift to Wish of a Lifetime.

If you are so inspired, contribute to Wish of a Lifetime right now. And if you want some motivation, or just want to see an interview with an awesome entrepreneur, human, friend, philanthropist, athlete, leader, and role model, watch the video below.


  • Startup New Zealand

    Awesome! In my opinion startups are about giving back and starting early like Jeremy bloom builds it in you to one day give it all away a reasons I am huge huge Bill Gates fan and feel Steve Jobs was incredible but no where near Gates. There is an ‘Other ways to give’ section and as I have allocated 2 % of my new startups equity to charity & good causes of which .25 + .25 is already allocated this fits in well if they accept equity donations from startups

  • Samantha Schreiner

    Wow! What a great idea for such a deserving community. This bought tears to my eyes and made me want to do more. Thank you for sharing Brad.

  • As the mother of two children who spent most of their childhood and high school years training as intense athletes who were intrinsically driven to be the best in their sport, the insight into how Jeremy dealt with missing that target for himself has been invaluable for me. Sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur – icing on the cake.

  • Really enjoyed this — for those who want to skip the local Boulder/Flatiron commentary, just fast forward video to the 9:50 mark.

  • RBC

    Sorry for the off-topic comment, but when I saw this video was from Colorado I instantly thought of bfeld!
    I would like to nominate the new mascot for boulder start-up community – The can-do BEAR!!

  • Tom Brickley

    Great discussion. Great questions and even better answers.