The Awesomeness of Battlestar Galactica

cylon evolutionI was totally fried and fighting off a cold yesterday so I decided to spend my digital sabbath on the couch watching Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica. I took a short break at lunch time to try to induce a diabetic coma while gorging on pancakes at Snooze (which necessitated me skipping dinner and going to bed at 7pm, which resulted in me being wide awake at 11pm, hence the blog post at 200am on Sunday morning.)

While mildly ironic that I would spend digital sabbath watching Battlestar Galactica, it was deeply awesome. I have no idea how I missed the re-imagining of the series in 2003. I vaguely remember seeing the original in junior high school around the time everyone was obsessed with Star Wars. But it didn’t make a deep impression on me and my brain tossed it in the storage bin of “other sci-fi stuff.”

Season 1 from 2003 was stunningly good. The mix of low-brow CGI, complex religious metaphors, classical government / military conflict, scary prescient singularity creatures (the evolved Cylons) who are masterful at manipulating the humans, and rich characters made this a joyful way to spend a day relaxing.

I’ve got Season 2 ahead of me but rather than binge watch it like I did today, I think I’ll space it out a little. And – no more five pancake lunches at Snooze. Egads.

  • Manish Gaudi

    Season 3 is really one of the best TV seasons out there of any show IMO. Have fun w/ it.

  • I seriously binged when I first got into it years ago. The miniseries starts out a tad slow but only because there’s so much to set up. It’s a fascinating universe and story. Rather surprised you haven’t seen any of it until now given how much time you spend thinking about issues like the singularity.

    • Yeah – I have no idea how I missed it. But now it’s part of my brain.

  • One of my favourite shows across all genres. Season 3 and its finale will blow you away!

  • It is indeed awesome. And the ensuing seasons will not disappoint.

    Now here’s the $$$ question – have you yet gorged on the ultimate lean startup TV series?

    I speak of course of the frighteningly well executed – ‘Breaking Bad.’

    Last half season starts next month. I am on tenterhooks.

    • We got stuck on episode 5 or so. We keep talking about “breaking through” but have stalled.

      • It’s worth it 🙂
        And it’s right up your street – a would be entrepreneur, facing challenges, running lean, problems with his team, scaling issues, has to pivot, dangerous competitors, family problems due to the crazy pressures..

  • Lura

    I’m jealous that you get to watch it as a newbie. Makes me want to go back and re-watch the first season. So say we all.

  • Brett Hagberg

    Seasons 1 and 2 are MUCH better than 3 and 4, IMO. Sometimes I wish it had just ended after 2.

    • Adam Somer

      I’m with Brett on this one. Enjoy the first two seasons because it slows after that. You might want to consider a brief pause to watch “Caprica” (the prequel). It’s worth the time and pretty good also.

      • infidels! the entire show is awesome!!

        • Brett Hagberg

          I don’t want to spoil anything, but Ron Moore and the writers made some very questionable decisions in the latter half of Season 3 and beyond (notably the unexpected, implausible return of MULTIPLE characters and the stuff involving All Along the Watchtower, if you catch my drift). They irked me to the point where it was a struggle to finish watching the show.

  • Kathy Gallup Keating

    We are watching BSG again from the beginning. It’s such a well made show with incredible sub plots and nods to serious political and social issues. When you complete it, watch Caprica since it is the prequel. Caps it off nicely!

    • Thx for the suggestion on Caprica!

  • davidthomas8779

    I assume you had regular ones, but Snooze makes the best gluten free pancakes I’ve ever eaten.

    • Snooze pancakes are like tequila to me now. I overdid it and doubt I can ever eat them again.

  • Pbc in LN

    Bingo, I am a 49 YO man who happened on the series late at night on my ipad and was hooked. I remember the old series which was crap. Watched the series straight through whenever i could get a chance (mostly late at night). Correct comment with regard to Caprica, U gotta watch it. BTW – another series that had a similar “glad I stumbled on it, watched it straight through was Firefly”.

    • Firefly is amazing. We watching it straight through one weekend. Loved the characters, loved the premise, loved the movie.

  • Just be careful everyone – remember this cautionary tale:

    • I just watched this with Amy. We are both laughing hysterically as this was our day yesterday. We will resist the pull of the cylons today.

  • Christina Roberts

    That’s awesome. I remember it was all the rage a while ago, but never got caught up in. Last summer my partner made me watch an episode, which I resisted, but then I fell madly in love with it. I am not much of a “re-watcher” but I find myself missing it. Might be time to start it up again. Have fun!

  • Never seen BSG, always been a Trek loyalist. Your post intrigues me. However, I’m confused. You linked to Wikipedia and mentioned 2003, was that the mini series. Season 1 was 2004? Where do I start?

    • Start with the 2003 miniseries and then go right into the 2004 season 1.

  • dbriere

    And when you are done…. Don’t forget about Caprica, the spinoff TV series, but sadly it was cut midstream, but for completeness a must!

    And then there is the necessary sibling session: Watch all the Planet of the Apes movies one after the other…..

    • We’ve got Caprica loaded up!

  • Sharon

    Rent BSG: Blood and Chrome. It is so good you want to cry it didn’t get picked up. Even better than Caprica.

    • Absolutely, totally hilarious!

      • This is the first thing I thought about and was going to post it… But I was too busy watching BSG.

  • MiFilter

    Seeing this post in my e-mail Sunday morning was crazy weird. I too sat down on Saturday and dove into season 1 via Netflix. I had seen a few episodes here in there when it came out and always said, you’ll have to watch this beginning-to-end sometime bc you will probably like it. Thus far, I must agree with you – I am enjoying it thoroughly. I didn’t get all the way through season 1, but rest assured, I will put in a solid effort tonight.

  • David Parker

    Loved the show, actually just finished my second time through the whole series a couple of months ago (before TechStars-Kaplan EdTechAccelerator started) 🙂

    I do agree with those below who said the first 2 seasons were the best. My favorite episode is still “33”, which is just so raw:

    No spoilers, but I was a little sad about some character treatment in later seasons.

    But it was still one of my favorite dramas of all time (thus the multiple viewings).

    Be sure to watch the extras (making of)… it adds a TON to the show and makes it much more enjoyable (get the discs if you have to).

    As for Caprica, it had a totally different look and feel, but it was okay.

    • Have to agree with you; “33” was a great episode. It connected very well with the mini-series but as a stand-alone episode that started the regular series, it required some attention. But once you get hooked on the desperation of the characters and the choice they had to make at the end of the episode, you couldn’t wait for the next episode.

      I remember watching BSG for the first time around 2006, because it was syndicated later here in the Philippines. The network that was broadcasting it had a marathon showing of the mini-series before the start of the regular series later in the week. That was the first time, I believe, I really made a concerted effort to catch a TV series and follow it until the end.

  • Kathy Lizenby

    I am thinking of re-watching it again. I think I have seen it all from start to finish about 3 times. I must be dyslexic, episode “33” drove me nuts. I loved all the rest. I wish it would have continued, I miss it.

  • Nikki Braziel

    I hope you tried the cinnamon roll pancakes at least once before pressing the Snooze button forever. They’ve been off the menu for a long time but can still be ordered. And I will in patience for some start-up/Battlestar analogies. 🙂

    • I’ve recovered. I will start eating Snooze pancakes again. On SATURDAY. Cinnamon Roll FTW.