Pre-Order Startup CEO, The Newest Startup Revolution Book

Pre-orders for the new book Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business by Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, are available now on Amazon. Matt, who writes the awesome blog Only Once (which stands for “you can only be a first time CEO once”) has put a herculean effort into writing an amazing book while running a very large company.

This is the latest book in the Startup Revolution series of books that include Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your CityStartup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur, and Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist.

I’ve worked with Matt since 2001 when I joined Fred Wilson and Greg Sands on the board of Return Path. At the time I was an investor in a company called Veripost that was a direct competitor with Return Path. Fred was an investor in Return Path. Each company was about 20 people. The founders knew each other well and were in a brutal competition in a market that didn’t yet exist. They decided they wanted to join forces, Fred and I cut a deal over the phone in 5 minutes, and Greg Sands (at Sutter Hill at the time) led a financing round that set a price for the combined company.

Twelve years later Matt is still Return Path’s CEO. George Bilbrey, one of the Veripost founders, is the President. They are incredible partners and Matt is still a first time CEO, but now running a 400 person company that dominates its market.

The book is broken up into five parts:

  • Part I: Storytelling
  • Part II: Building the Company’s Human Capital
  • Part III: Execution
  • Part IV: Building and Leading a Board of Directors
  • Part V: Managing Yourself So You Can Manage Others

Matt  has the entire outline of Startup CEO up on his blog. As with all books in the Startup Revolution series, it combines practical experience with advice with stories with commentary from other experts.

I think Startup CEO is going to be a must read for any CEO. Do Matt a solid and go pre-order it today.

  • That’s a great merger and long lasting growth story. Looking forward to this book!

  • NickN

    I totally misread the title as “A Feld Guide to Scaling Your Business” and my first thought was “damn, he wrote another book already?!!!

  • Wow… 400 people. I had no idea there were that big.. I wonder if there is an intersection with SendGrid somewhere down the line. I’ll definitely be getting this book.

  • Dick Rocket

    Available for Nexus 7?

  • Ben Isaacson

    You could have added that following the Veripost deal, George went off and founded another company, Assurance Systems which he also sold to Matt a couple years later (and is now RP’s core competency.) Perhaps you and Fred had something to do with that too? 🙂

    As a long-time close industry colleague of Matt and George’s, I’m very happy for their continued success and excited to read the book!

    • Yup – and Assurance Systems was founded and ran out of our office, even though we weren’t investors in it.

  • ASasda

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