Living the Startup Life

I loved this video review of Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur. I watched it this morning and smiled a huge smile.

Thanks  Cynthia Morris for taking the time to do this. And, as the sun shines in my world again, I’m happy that others are spreading the love around.

  • I’ve never seen a video book review like that. It’s such a good idea. Love it.

    Amazon should allow video reviews embeds, maybe max of 5 mins in length.

    This is great too because you can see the reviewer and get a sense of their authenticity immediately.

  • Ponnuchamy Varatharaj

    I remember seeing a video review in amazon, in place of the image there was a video. It was not youtube video player, it was of amazon’s own video player. Please upload this video there. The color quality could be improved a bit before that.

  • hey brad –

    i am commenting here about your article in inc – because their comment system is aweful!

    i just wanted to thank you for writing that.

    i am an entrepreneur that has experienced both a measure of success and failure, my current company is funded by your friend Rich L. Its incredibly hard sometimes to do what i do (2 young kids – 70hr weeks etc) and its oft overlooked that the people that fund you occupy some ficticious pedestal that allows them to be immune to what we go through.

    You have been tremendously successful in both seats. i’ve been a long time follower of yours simply because i get to learn for free. but if you sit in my seat, its tremendously stressful and can be very harmful if not identified.

    i applaud your post. know that there are many people out there that key off of your advice, your musings and your journey and that it has a tremendously positive effect.

    thanks for sharing and sorry that i had to leave this comment in a post nothing to do with what i am responding to!

    • I’m happy to see your comment anywhere! Thx for the kind words – I’m glad the article was helpful. Psyched you are working with RichL – he is awesome.