Happy 20th Anniversary Amy

20 years. Just amazing. You are my favorite person on this planet. Here are some pictures from the past 20 years.

Brad - Amy - Wellesley 5th Reunion

Fashion has clearly never been my strong sense.

Brad - Amy - Cabo - Young

Fortunately, my t-shirts are rubbing off on you.

Brad - Amy - Kentucky Derby

And your class and grace is rubbing off on me.

Brad - Amy - Alaska
But you can never really take the girl out of Alaska.

Brad - Amy - Opera

And one never really does leave Wellesley, does one?

Brad - Amy - Italy

I love you.

  • John Fein

    Congrats Brad and Amy! Love the pics.

  • StevenHB

    Congratulations to both of you.

    • http://www.feld.com bfeld

      Should be fixed now. That was the hell of uploading files that were 2mb – 4mb each and then tweeting it out. Oops. CRASH.

      • StevenHB

        I edited my original comment when I started getting the pictures. They’re awesome.

  • http://pashagivesback.com/ William Mougayar

    Best wishes for several more decades!

    Let me guess…are the pics about 3-4 years apart roughly? All lovely.

    • http://www.feld.com bfeld

      I’m not actually sure how far apart they are at this point!

  • http://donaldryan.net/ DonRyan

    Congrats you guys. Here’s to 20 more.

  • http://www.pointsandfigures.com/ pointsnfigures

    congratulations. the best thing about 20 is you have a chance to make it to 40.

  • http://blog.kwiqly.com/ James Ferguson @kWIQly

    Brad / Amy – well done – A VC in London last week said a seed investment compares to a marriage – lasts longer, involves more time, is more intense.

    Love to see an outlier like yours!

  • http://yallaguy.com aarondelcohen

    Really a nice thing to do. I’m inspired.

  • http://blog.kwiqly.com/ James Ferguson @kWIQly

    My wife Martine and I are married nine years. In that time I only forgot her birthday once – She was born 29th February – a 50% batting average.

    Love overcomes all things !

  • Mark Phillips


  • http://www.yepi2.co/ yepi

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  • http://petegrif.tumblr.com/ Pete Griffiths

    The power behind the throne.

  • Stephanie G Travis

    Inspiring! Congrats!

  • http://www.gefundenwerden.at/ gefundenwerden

    Happy! best Team ever!

  • http://bsoi.st/ bsoist




    • http://www.feld.com bfeld

      Thx! Please don’t eat us.



        • http://www.feld.com bfeld


  • MoatazRashad

    Congrats Brad! and visual blogging is awesome. Would you check vufind.com object recognition api for automated tagging of these photos? Would love to hear your thoughts. thanks.

  • John Mueller

    congrats to both of you!!!

  • http://byJess.net/ Jess Bachman

    To call you two an inspiration would be an understatement. Congratulations! These photos are great… R.E.M. + Dilbert pretty much sums it up.

  • http://www.kineplay.com/ben Ben Milstead

    Grats to you both! 20 years is a real accomplishment, especially in this day and age.

  • Jonny Schnittger

    Congratulations! But you shouldn’t really let your hair upstage your wife in every photo 😉 But seriously, thats a great achievement, best wishes to you both

  • Rich Kopcho

    Yeah! Happy Anniversary 😉

  • tamccann

    Great to see you both happy for so many years!

    • http://www.feld.com bfeld

      Thx man. See you soon in Boulder!

  • http://me.damanbahner.com/ @Daman

    Awesome! Congratulations to you two!!

  • garyditsch

    I have to say that the Derby picture seems the most unlike your normal looks (although they do change). Congrats to Amy and you. I know that the openness you two have had regarding how you make a busy life and marriage work has helped many, this is a reminder it can be done.

    • http://www.feld.com bfeld

      Definitely unlike me, but totally her. Think of me as her dress up doll (Ken-like) in this photo (and environment).