Foursquare and Gnip Form A Powerful Partnership

Our investment in Gnip keeps getting better and better.  While the company is growing like crazy and the financial results would make any investor giddy, what really gets me excited is to see how Gnip is disrupting how business decisions are made.  Gnip believes that someday every significant business decision will include social data as an input and they’ve been working hard for the last five years to make this vision a reality.

Last week, Gnip made another significant step forward towards their ultimate vision. Foursquare and Gnip just announced an exclusive partnership that allows Gnip to provide full coverage of anonymized Foursquare check-in data to Gnip’s extensive network of customers.  Gnip is delivering over four billion social activities to their customers every day and their distribution network is delivering insights and analytics to over 95% of the Fortune 500.   As much progress as they have made, location-based activity is one area of social data where the ecosystem has lacked significant coverage.  Companies wanting to analyze geo-based activities around locations have been begging for more location-based activity.  With the partnership between Foursquare and Gnip, the entire social data ecosystem gets a big win with this key signal of physical presence.

I’ve been a user and believer in Foursquare from the earliest days. It will be fascinating to see what types of analytics are built upon this new data.  Both Foursquare and Gnip discuss some examples in their blog posts. It doesn’t take much imagination to think about how businesses can capitalize on this unique data set.  And with this partnership, we no longer have to imagine!

  • Very powerful indeed and another example of how big data is a platform

  • Love seeing value add / B2B companies who carve our that perfect symbiotic niche. This is what great early state VC calls are all about.

  • narikannan

    Sometimes people may not realize the technical challenges associated with what Gnip is doing! To monitor social media in real-time, process it and make it meaningful in time for it to be useful to anyone is a huge, huge challenge. Tweets when they are trending could be useful for the next hour or so, but may not be useful three hours from now depending upon the context. Have been following the interviews and blogs that the CTO of Gnip, Jud Valeski has been participating in! Huge achievement! Congratulations!

  • Wow. Gnip is in UR internet eating all teh data.
    Good on them.