CanDo – The Lavatory Workstation

I’m a big fan of doing stuff while I work. When I created my first treadputer in 2006 it was definitely ahead of it’s time. Today, I enjoy the Walkstation from Steelcase.

Recently I’ve been exploring new options and with my friends at Betabrand came up with the idea for CanDo – The Lavatory Workstation. More about it in the video below.

It fits nicely with my general theme of bathrooms.

  • John Minnihan

    Let me be the first: that’s a shitty idea

  • @ZekeWeeks

    Nice, but I’m holding out until it integrates with Google Glass.

  • Jess Bachman

    Those Betabrand folks sure make a lot of videos…

  • Mac

    Crapper Cubicles……the next step in the evolution of SEO

  • freds4hb

    I miss designing at Sharper Image

  • James Ferguson @kWIQly

    Now the correlation between daily work cycles and “The Incredible Waste of Food at Events” is becomes fully determinate. Does this have anything to do with Labor day?

  • Scott Barnett

    This post is about 32 days late :-)

    Seriously? My father would LOVE this. He’ll beta test….

  • Samantha Samsel

    This reminds me of a recent SNL skit.

  • Ben Barreth

    Yet another reason why Google Fiber is good for America!

  • eabrandon

    I guess the lack of productivity in the restroom is an issue for people off the clock too. I give you, Urinal Gaming:

  • Jeff Robinson

    By Monday I’m sure you will have term sheets up the wazoo for funding…

  • C.P. Spencer

    Inside the box, economy back on track, run for President.

  • Pete Griffiths


  • Ben Milstead

    So innovative that a new book is needed — “CanDo More Faster”!

  • Lishan Su

    Hi Brad,I’ve never seen any treadputer in China ,and can not google anything about it in Chinese market ,i think treadputer will become popular soon ,coz everyone want healthy,right ?

  • Steven Benjamin

    I think this work station would be best for Coldfusion programmers. After all we make good use of the and tags all the time.

  • pointsnfigures

    There is a reason I don’t borrow other people’s iPad’s. Perhaps this will inspire a new version of pay toilets. They could include a wifi connection.