An Unexpected Night In The Hospital

First things first – we are fine. Amy had an emergency appendectomy last night. She’s recovering extremely well and feeling great, albeit a little sore, this morning. We’ll be going home in a little bit once the doctor gets here.

Yesterday was a typical Monday. Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion. I went for a run. My partners and I had sushi for lunch. I did a bunch of email and phone calls. I walked 20,000 steps on my treadputer. I gave a talk with Jeff Clavier for one of our LPs (AMG) at Frasca to a bunch of their clients. Normal stuff.

While hanging out at Frasca, I got a text from Amy that said “I might have appendicitis. Getting ready for IV and scan. Can’t find vein, as usual. I’ll keep you posted.” Well – that’ll throw a guy off his game. Amy wasn’t feeling well in the morning and had gut pain – I told her to make sure she went to the doctor if she didn’t feel better by the end of the day. I headed over to CU Boulder to interview David Cohen as part of the Silicon Flatirons Entrepreneurs Unplugged event, knowing that I could get textus interruptus at any time.

Five minutes after I started interviewing David, I got a text from Amy that said “It’s appendicitis. I will need surgery at Boulder Community tonight. Boo.” Fortunately, there was another Brad around (Brad Bernthal) who quickly stepped in for me as moderator as I exited stage left to go get Amy and take her to the hospital.

Amy went to urgent care at 5:30. I picked her up at 7:00. She was in surgery by 9:00. She was out by 11:00. We were asleep in our cozy hospital room by midnight, romanced to sleep (her in a hospital bed, me on a cot) by the six second repeating hum of the IV machine.

I’ve never spent the night in a hospital before. I certainly didn’t expect to do it last night. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Boulder Community Hospital and their staff is just awesome – and as the sun comes up on another day we begin again, reminded of our priorities.

  • Glad everything is ok. Great last line! Its easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle that is life, its instances like these which bring everything back into focus.

  • freds4hb

    Get well soon Amy!

  • Glad to hear all is well Brad. Best to both of you.

  • Glad all is well Brad! Hope she makes a speedy recovery.

  • Justin Sharpe

    Warm thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. Glad everything is alright.

  • Get well soon Amy.

    Great appendectomy story: I had an appendectomy while at the Disney World Resort. After thinking I was sore from being bumped around on a roller coaster it become apparent by the end of the week that something else was going on (note: hot tubs are not good for appendicitis). Finally went to Florida Hospital in Celebration, FL (this is the town Disney owns…). We decided the wife and kids would head back to PA rather than book hotels, reroute flights, miss school, etc.

    Wife drags 4 year old in stroller, 6 year old son, all the luggage, to the airport – they land in Baltimore which is now covered in snow. Can’t find the car, get to car, battery is dead. Oh, family is in shorts and tshirts lol! My wife entrusts a stranger; they hop in her car to find someone to jumpstart the car. An hour or so later, get the car started and drive home to Lancaster, PA in blizzard (an hour 15 min ride normally, this one took 3 hours.) Kids crying, they haven’t eaten (forgot about food in all the madness) – the highways were strewn with stranded or stuck vehicles, more cars were literally flying off the road as she crept along. Looked like armageddon.

    They finally they made it home safely. I won’t even get into my experience as i tried to get released from the hospital – thought I might be in the Hotel California! I couldn’t reach my wife the day she was traveling – her phone died. So I decided to call my sister in law, whom at the time I really didn’t get along with – this was after a healthy dose of Dilaudid so to this day, I have no idea what I said to her – but now we are friends…lol.

    Anyway, crazy experience but in the end, I’m her to tell about it.

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing this story. Also, sorry I missed you during your visit to Venturf0rth in Philly; I work out of that space part time.

    • Wowza! That’s a lot more dramatic than the experience we just had. The sun is up, and the sky is bright blue.

  • heyehd

    It was certainly very disconcerting to see you rush out of the Silicon Flatirons event last night. I’m glad all is well this morning.

    • Yeah – my head was definitely not in “the courtroom” at that point.

  • bradbernthal

    Happy to come out of the bullpen last night. Delighted and relieved that Amy is in good shape this morning. My best to each of you. Rooting for a speedy recovery for Amy.

    • Thanks for taking over!

  • woah. intense. glad Amy’s ok Brad. fingers crossed for a speedy recovery

    • Thx – she’s doing great.

  • Austin

    “Amen.” Glad all’s well, Brad.

    My appendectomy story happened when I was 16. In the exam room, the diagnosis process was simply the doctor pressing slowly but firmly on my abdomen…and then suddenly releasing. They just about had to peel me off the ceiling. “Yep…appendicitis.”

  • I’m glad to hear Amy is OK and I’m so glad you were in town to be with her. Staying in hospitals sucks – being by her side I’m sure means the world…there is no greater healing agent than to look across the room and see the one you love.

    Get well soon Amy.

    • And you know that well! You and Renee have been amazing for each other.

  • Love to you and Amy! Can I do anything for you? Grocery run? Medication run? Magazine / book run? DVD run? Just name it, you’ve got it!

    • We are good for now! Just in the interminable “waiting” period. We’ll holler if we need anything – thx for the offer.

  • StevenHB

    Glad to hear that Amy is recovering well, Brad.

  • Nelson Burr

    Glad Amy is on the mend. For you…”For everything there is a first time!”

  • Get well soon Amy! Best wishes from Deb and me! Priorities indeed…..

  • So glad Amy is okay. Please give her my love.

  • joelklee

    Brad – please send Amy my love. I am so glad she got great care and tghat she has you to support her through this.

  • Best wishes to Amy for a quick recovery. You really need to cut back on those typical Mondays.

  • Best wishes to a speedy recovery!

  • Glad to hear she’s doing well now 🙂

  • Dain Carver

    Im glad to hear that you were at least there so you could become available to her when she needed you.

  • Here’s wishing Amy a speedy recovery, Brad.

  • Glad Amy is well.

  • Swift healing.

  • benbuie

    Glad to hear Amy is doing well. Appendicitis can be pretty scary. I hope she heals quickly.

    I was staying on the third floor of the Boulder Community Hospital on Monday and Tuesday as well. My wife had a baby.

  • Patrick Matos

    Phew! So glad to hear that Amy is doing well… Hope she feels better very soon. Sending good vibes your way 🙂

  • Dave Crenshaw

    Family comes first! Wishing for Amy’s quick recovery.

  • Yikes, sending get-well wishes your way!

  • RBC

    Good luck to you both! Hospitals are traumatic – there should be a better way. Good lighting and less noise would make it less awful #disruption