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TechStars London

Jon Bradford and I have known one another since before the development of the Mentor Manifesto. Today we’re bringing Jon and his team at Springboard in London into the TechStars family as they re-brand to become TechStars London, our first international program. We have every confidence in them as a high-quality extension of the strong ecosystem we have already built here in the US.

Springboard has always been focused on helping entrepreneurs and TechStars’ support and expertise provides UK and European entrepreneurs the best opportunity to improve their likelihood of success. Our priority is to support great companies from the region in London (accepting applications from everywhere) and there’s no requirement or expectation that the companies will need to relocate to the US. We will build on the mentor network that Springboard has already started in London and supplement it with mentors from the broader TechStars network in the States.

Any and I are going to spend two weeks in London this summer during the program. I lived in London for a summer when I was 16, worked for Centronics (the creators of the parallel port), wrote dot-matrix font creation software for the Apple II, got paid with a Centronics 351 printer, learned how to drink a lot of beer, watched Pink Floyd The Wall for the first time, and spent a week wandering around in Paris in August when no one was there. I’ve always felt super comfortable in London and am looking forward to hanging out with the newest members of the TechStars family, while drinking a lot of beer.

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    • bfeld


  • Yaniv Presler

    Great news!!! now that you decided to go globally ..When are you going to open TechStars in israel :-)

  • Ibnu Ulinnuha

    Indonesia and south east asia is also waiting

  • Alex Hammer

    Impressed. And then there was 1!

    Part of an endeavors’ sign of success is its ability to scale. The growth curve of TechStars is spectacular, but more importantly the value per unit measure (I have my own specific measures for this as applied to TechStars, insert your own here) is tremendous.

  • Andrew Brackin

    “learned how to drink a lot of beer” – Sounds about right :). Congrats, London is booming. In the last year so much has happened in the London tech scene and I’m seeing so many more funded and profitable startups.

  • malarkeyking

    Great news! All the best

  • Scott Allison

    Jon and Jess are fantastic! They and springboard will be a great addition to TechStars!

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  • Colin Stuart


  • RBC

    Hey Brad – great you can make it over the pond. Will have a look at the application, but suspect I’ll be buried. It would be great to catch up with you when you’re here this summer. Any plans on doing a talk, or meet up, while you’re here?

    • bfeld

      I’m sure I’ll do a few public events.