Cohen / Calacanis Interview on This Week In Startups

A few weeks ago I did a long interview with Jason Calacanis on This Week In Startups. I got a bunch of positive feedback on it and thought it was one of the better long form interviews I’ve done in a while.

The other day Jason released an interview that he recently did with David Cohen, the CEO of TechStars. I listened to it earlier today – it was also excellent. I highly recommend it if you are interested in TechStars, accelerators, early stage investing, ramping your startup, and how David thinks about angel investing from his fund Bullet Time Ventures.

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    Do all Angels share the same love of how facebook does business as much as these two?

  • Do all Angels feel the same way about facebook’s business practices?

  • Most of TechStars successes can be attributed to selection and connections… there are plenty of better companies out there that will not go as far. I don’t necessarily think that’s a good thing… 2008 taught us that there’s no correlation between an ivy league degree and the ability to pick stocks. So companies getting client access because they are TechStars thereby helping them sell, doesn’t mean they are selling a better product than a company without connections. I’m not bashing TechStars, I love the program I just don’t think their PR is reflective of this.

    • Patrick – I’m not totally sure I understand this. TechStars is an investor in the companies so by definition – if TechStars is effective – they should help by bringing their network to support the companies. Presumably some of the value of any investor in connections, and that’s especially true early in the life on the company.

      • I absolutely agree I guess I’m just saying that companies seeing success can be foggy… are they successful because they are great companies or are they successful because of unique access. I also understand and respect that these companies have worked at a grassroots level to get to where they are (TechStars). Question becomes, are they scaleable because they have the mgmt capibility to scale or because they have the connections.

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