One Touch Conferencing Calling From Your Mobile Phone

I’m super impressed with the progress MobileDay has made in the past six months. We are a seed investor in the company whose goal is to fix conferencing calling. Their approach is “one touch into any conference call from any conference call provider.”

The current MobileDay iPhone app is excellent – I use it multiple times a day. If you make any conference calls, give it a try and tell me what you think and what we can do better.

Also, take a look at their new one minute overview of the product and give me feedback on whether it makes sense and what they can do better.

MobileDay – Never Dial Into Conference Calls Again. from MobileDay on Vimeo.

  • We use the access number every day for most of our client calls and often for our team calls as well. I installed the app on my Android phone but I never use it, I guess we don’t really need it because we use conference codes that are easy to remember.

    • JK

      I think you’re maybe missing the point? The app means you don’t even need to remember any numbers. Not even the dial-in number. You just hit the join button – and you’re in! So even though you have a number that’s easy to remember, the workflow is still clunkier than what MobileDay is offering. No? When you’re on the road, or having to dial in from your mobile, trust me, it couldn’t be easier than this. With or without easily remembered numbers.

      • I don’t have to remember the dial-in number either because it’s memorized in my list of contacts. Our team of 5 has been using MobileDay for a year and a half, since the days, and we don’t use the mobile apps even though some of us have them installed. We would happily pay for our current use of MobileDay though. It’s one of our daily key tools.

        • JK

          Gotcha, my bad, that wasn’t clear earlier… I wish I only had one conf call line to remember, so I could program the pause into my phone too!

        • Thanks Eduardo. Things have come a looong way since you started using MobileDay. Glad you enjoy. Thanks fro your continued support.

          The mobile app does truly make entering ALL conference calls exponentially easier, not just the one’s on your chosen conference line. 1. Try the mobile app again. 2. Get used to it. 3. Never go back. You will never dial into a conference call again. You’ll love it!

  • Zev Barnett

    Best app on my phone. A singular touch for a conference call is a marvelous thing for people juggling appointments, calls, calendars etc.

    • Thanks Zev. We enjoy making a meaningful difference. Feedback is always welcomed, praise or even when you find issue. So like with your wonderful comment, don’t be shy! Thanks.

  • crustyjusty

    I can’t wait to use this. The video mentions a bunch of potential services…but I find that finding a low-cost conferencing call solution is close to impossible, and I can’t afford GoToMeeting’s $50 plan. So, it would be nice if MobileDay listed potential services or partnered with some of the more well known services (or created their own), so that I don’t have to spend 3 hours googling around sites that all look the same.

    • Thx – it’s on the roadmap!

  • I used a different app for a while but it stopped working when I upgraded to a Samsung GSIII. I installed it withing 30 seconds of finishing the embedded video. Thanks for the pointer.

    Now, if I can convince a few people who assume that I remember the “default” conference call number, I’ll really be flying.

    • Thanks for the comment post Steven.

      There is a feature coming very soon where you just may be able to deal with that. We will call it Quick Call and you can put a Guest entry in (one time), save it and use it as an alternative to missing conference info if you know the # yourself but don’t want to type it. Stay tuned!

  • I think a valuable feature would be to set up conference calls with in the app like CrowdCall does. Other than that, I really like this and can’t wait to try it out on my next call.

    • Thank you for the feedback and support of MobileDay. Glad you enjoy!

      • Used you guys couple of days ago and worked perfectly. Great Job!

        • Glad you like it. Please tell others…just send ’em the video above! 🙂

        • Great to hear!

  • josh

    Looks awesome…I know developing for android’s many devices and OS versions can be a pain, but I’m using a Galaxy Nexus w/ Jellybean and the app is marked as incompatible with my device in GPlay. Would love to try it though.

    • Hi Josh. Thanks for your comments.

      Jelly Bean support is not far off. Almost there so stay tuned.

  • looks good–I’d use it.

    • Charlie. Please do!

      Let us know what you think using the “thumbs up” and “thumbs” down buttons in the app after your call. Looking forward to your feedback.

  • Sounds like an interesting app. FYI. the video link in this post is not coming back with an error message on my browser.

    • Weird that you are getting an error on the video. What’s the specific error? What browser are you using?

      • it is working now. I could tell from the comments that it was working for most people. Anyways, I thought the video was good and the green colour scheme really appeals to my eyes. The concept is terrific

  • Thanks for the tip Brad. I am using it!

  • Larry Goldman

    Brad – Looking forward to testing this app and getting my team to use it. I saw it at BDNT a couple of months ago. My marketing take on the video: I liked the polish, the reasoning, and the succinct message. My quibble: I understand the point of free to gain users, but the video is such a good sell that I am left to wonder WHY it’s free. For all it’s value and convenience, plunking down $0.99 would still be a deal. Maybe an additional point to make at the end of the video would be “free for now.” This would build a sense of urgency for people to try it now and leave wide open the idea that such a useful app may not always be free.

    • Interesting thought. We plan to roll out a premium service layer soon; we want this level of functionality to be free forever.

  • i have this PITA everyday – and Mobileday could help. However, what i’d like to see here is integration with Good (that i use) and other enterprise email/calendar clients. Typically, for me, meetings in my native calendar (that Mobileday does integrate with) are “out side of work” where i’m 1-to-1 calling someone. Mobileday is useful there, but not critical. Meanwhile, it’s the work calls – that are stuck in Good – that come bundled with stupid long conference numbers and PINs and passwords and all that other crap. If you could solve that one, i’m a lifetime customer!

    • Thank you Tobias. We understand your dilemma. Good for Enterprise is something that we are exploring as a third party enterprise email email platform to support. Thanks for the feedback and kind words!

  • Mobileday is one of the best apps on my phone as well. I use it multiple times per day also, it saves me a lot of aggravation hopping out of my calendar invite. It is also a fantastic app when on the go with my phone, one click access is great when not at your desk.

    Couple of things that jump out as enhancements:
    1. Be able to extract the call in details when the sender doesn’t put it in the header and only the body, quickly becoming one of my big pet peeves when people do not put the call in details in the subject.
    2. I haven’t figured out how to call into the call with one click when I am the host. I use the “test call” feature in conference set-up to call in as host. (Sure I am missing the more effective way to do it).

    In any case, Mobileday is a great app. Best of luck with continued traction.

    • Hello Lou. Thanks for the great feedback. Please use support at mobileday dot com email to troubleshoot #2. it would be great to get your conference call details so our team can test any issues that you are experiencing there.

  • sunil*j

    I thought the video was spot on with the message, extremely clear and succinct. In the first 14 seconds, where the problem is explained, you do a good job with the callouts and highlighting key issues that business people face when trying to join/re-join a call on the road.

    The only thing I would have done differently is switch to a perspective of the person as they are trying to enter the number, rather than the perspective of someone looking at the traffic from the side. Constantly trying to switch your eyes from the phone, to another app, back to the phone, to the road, etc. is what makes the non-mobile day-version of the world so annoying, and I think you would capture that pain better with a first person perspective.
    From :16 on, it is just terrific!

    Great app, love it so far!

  • JaeHLee

    FWIW I’ve been using MobileDay since around April/May (I think) on Android and yes they have come a long way. Back then the app wouldn’t even work and constantly crashed, taking my phone with it. Now it works…for the most part.

    The idea is excellent and if they brought out a calendar with it even better, but I am beginning to lose my patience with the app not working at least 80% of the time.

    Oh…and please stop making the app become the default phone dialer. When you do that it removes direct phone calling capability from any other app – Maps, Browser, Yelp, etc.

    • Jae. This is great feedback. We received your support email and are working to find an answer for you. Look for us to respond there. Thanks for your ongoing support of the app!

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