Hacker News For Startup Communities

I’m a huge admirer of Hacker News – it’s one of the sites I look at every day in my Daily reading routine. I scan the links, often click through to articles, and occasionally comment.

I’ve decided to try a similar approach for the Startup Revolution community that I’m calling the Startup Revolution Hub. Rather than reblog a bunch of stuff that I get from the world about Startup Communities, I’m going to open up the ability to put this up on the Hub to anyone who wants to contribute, starting now. I’ve built the Hub on top of SocialEngine, which is rapidly evolving as an amazing tool for building and managing communities.

As we roll out other books in the Startup Revolution series, including Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur, we’ll use the Startup Revolution Hub for these as well.

If you are interested in being part of the Startup Revolution, go to the Startup Revolution Hub right now, sign up, and contribute! And, feature requests about the Hub are welcome.

  • Nice. Would love to keep up with those news. Is there an RSS feed somewhere on http://hub.startuprev.com/ ?

    • Adding it to the near term feature request list.

  • Excellent idea…as long as you keep using Disqus, which is something HackerNews hasn’t done. It’s too bad their commenting system is a closed one.

    • I’ll keep using Disqus on the blog. I think SocialEngine has it’s own comment system but I’m going to look into using Disqus for it.

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  • herval

    The facebook signup is broken… “An error occurred. Please try again later.”

    • Poop. Ok – on it.

      • herval

        looks like someone just forgot to add the client_id on the url – easy fix 🙂

    • Working on this – should be fixed shortly!

  • I love it, Brad, and will sign up a.s.a.p. I have some beefs with Hacker News and wanted to share with you. I think Hacker News’ commenting structure and submission structure really favors those who have been on the system a long time. I hope Startup Revolution Hub can solve that problem. The second thing is that the transparency at HN is horrible. Blacklisting people without explanation, for instance. I hope SRH can do better.

    • I’m going to try to keep this as flat and open as possible.

  • Awesome stuff Brad. A cool feature would be to edit the title of a post after submitting. Mine got a weird “by Stefano Bernardi” added and now can’t remove it.

    Also, the thumbnail import got lost after I clicked “Suggest title”.


  • Best of luck Brad. Don’t under estimate the amount of work and time it takes to get online communities to a self-sustaining point. The web is littered with abandoned social engine and other off the shelf community solutions. If possible, I would actually hide the vote counts, as it’s a dead giveaway of activity (or lack thereof).

    • Oh – I’m very aware of the boneyard of failed efforts. I don’t have any ego attachment to success so it’ll only happen if in fact people find it valuable.

  • BreadCrumbsTeam

    Awesome. As much as I love Hacker News, it’s cool to have something more oriented toward startups besides reddit’s /r/startups

  • Just signed up! It looks like the twitter profile picture doesn’t satisfy the account image requirement and the form forces you to upload an additional picture.

    • Boo – working on it.

  • Steve

    Similar sentiment. But one thought that bares no weight on whether or not to do it (you should still and you are), but is there something about HN that isn’t satisfying your needs even though you use it daily that would cause you to start one of your own. Or is it more of having control over it? I assume there is a feature list that you’ll be working on that HN doesn’t have? Thanks

    • I’m focused on different content. This is for “startup communities” – something rarely covered and not the focus of Hacker News.

  • awesome. I’m there.

  • Brad

    Brad: interested in what else is part of your Daily reading routine. Care to share?

    • Boulder Daily Camera, Techmeme, FB, LinkedIn, Engagio, Cheezburger, Twitter stream from previous day (and links)

      • Woot!

      • nice list Brad. Thanks for sharing. I follow all these except Boulder Daily Camera (assuming it is local news) and Cheezburger which I need to check out

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