Colorado – Entrepreneurial By Nature

Some time ago a group of entrepreneurs including my partner Seth Levine came together to talk about how to promote entrepreneurship in Colorado and celebrate the fact that entrepreneurship has become a huge part of the Colorado business ecosystem. The result of that discussion was Colorado Entrepreneurial By Nature – a grass roots branding campaign whose goal is to get Colorado entrepreneurs to rally around their shared love of our state and our entrepreneurial culture.

Colorado – Entrepreneurial by Nature is officially launching today in conjunction with Denver Startup Week. I’m awesomely proud of both efforts – they are great examples of how a Startup Community can be led by entrepreneurs. Both efforts are grass roots, totally network based, and driven by entrepreneurs. Denver Startup Week looks completely awesome – the schedule of events is just tremendous.

Go get the badge and fly it proudly on your site if you are a Colorado entrepreneur!

  • Jess Bachman

    That tagline is first rate.

  • Ben Neumann

    Dude, I gotta tell you, I continue to be inspired by the things you do. Great work! Glad our paths have crossed like a dozen years ago! 😉 Please tell Amy I said hi.

    • bfeld

      Thx man! Hope you are doing well.

  • aarondelcohen

    This is great. You guys have methodically built something. I’m always fantasizing about moving out there.

  • Abdallah Al-Hakim

    How many things can you guys do in Colorado :) very impressed by this and the many stories in your recent book

    • bfeld

      We are no where close to hitting our capacity!

      • Abdallah Al-Hakim

        Good answer!

  • StartUpJerkFest

    What problem are they trying to solving? Colorado doesn’t have enough Entrepreneurs? Or Entrepreneurs in Colorado feel they are not getting enough recognition?

    What would having more people and Entrepreneurs move to Colorado do for the region, drive up real estate prices? Aha! We’ve discovered the agenda…

    I like the premise of your book more than I like this campaign. In your book, you are teaching other communities how they can build an entrepreneurial ecosystem which may help solve the problem of lack of jobs and income for it’s local residents and the country as a whole. Those are lessons that can be used anywhere.

    In contrast, this campaign only seems to be an ego booster for one part of the country, and a part that I think would be ruined by overcrowding. Sorry i just don’t get it yet.

    • Mary VonBreck

      Huh? When I moved to Colorado, I was amazed at the tight knit entrepreneurial community that kept offering me office space, contacts, introductions, etc. They just kept teaching by example how to make your place, how to help each other. There is a reason it works…they just keep growing their community! They are not running fear or scarcity on their fellows. They are inviting you to join! I love it here!

      • StartUpJerkFest

        congratulations. but as i said before, why do they need to promote it to attract Entrepreneurs there, when Brad’s book is trying to teach how to do it where you are right now. i’m in conflict with it for that reason.

        • bfeld

          Have you read the book yet?

          That campaign plays into making sure everyone else in the community can engage (via principle 3 – be inclusive of everyone, and principle 4 – have activities and events that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack). You have to know who and were the community is to do these things.

          • StartUpJerkFest

            no i have not taken time to read the book yet, busy with startup, but i understand your principles 3 & 4 from intro videos and cliff notes of book discussions here & there.

            i must have misinterpreted the campaign to mean “our city is better than yo city, so u better pull up anchor and get over here if you want to succeed.”

          • bfeld

            Nope – our campaign is not “our city is better than your city.” Our campaign is “Colorado is great for entrepreneurs.”

          • StartUpJerkFest

            ok. thanks for the good conversation.

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