Startup Communities – Operation Pre-order

My newest book, Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City, will ship around the end of the month. As a result, I’m activating Operation Pre-order today.

Between now and Sunday, if you pre-order a copy of Startup Communities, you will be entered into a random drawing. I’m going to pick two random winners – one for hardcopy book orders from Amazon and one for hardcopy book orders from

All you have to do to be entered is email me the electronic receipt by 11:59pm EDT on Sunday night. I will announce the winners on Monday morning.

The winners will get a lunch meeting with me at their company sometime in 2013. I’ll spend 90 minutes with you and anyone on your team discussing whatever you want.

If you play, make sure you also Like the book (if you order on Amazon), tweet out or Facebook the purchase, or do whatever other social media thing lights your fire.

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  • Steven Jasmin

    what no love for the kindle buyers?

    • bfeld

      Soon! That’ll be phase 2.

      • Steven Jasmin

        Have you considered playing with the new twitter ad’s engine? Being an early adopter and something as niche as a book launch might yield some interesting results. I suggest you take a swing at it….

        • bfeld

          Great idea!

      • Lucien Burm

        Any sneak previews on that? Clicked to fast and bought the kindle edition 😉 rtfm, i know.

        • bfeld

          Sneak preview should be up soon. I’ll enter you in the Kindle contest (coming soon) if you email me the receipt.

          • Lucien Burm

            Done and patiently anticipating 😉

          • bfeld


          • Ignacio Castro

            @bfeld Another fan for the Kindle contest! But full disclosure, if I win, we will need to plan a trip to Costa Rica, or I can try to bring people to Boulder.

          • bfeld

            Look for the Kindle contest next week so save your receipt!

  • Hayden Williams

    Have you also considered putting some controversial material in your book that the Pentagon can dispute, then going on 60 Minutes (in disguise obviously) to talk to Scott Pelley? Seemed to generate some press and pre-orders for No Easy Day on Sunday

    • bfeld

      I haven’t yet exercised that strategy.

  • Jess Bachman

    Ordered! Though I think your contest methodology should be altered. Barnes and Noble buyers will have a significantly higher chance of winning because there will be a smaller pool, vs amazon.

    • bfeld

      Aha – increase your odds buy buying at B&N!

      • Jackson Miller

        It would be interesting to know if this methodology changes consumer behavior. A couple of interesting stats might be BN vs Amazon numbers for pre-sales as well as contest entries. Maybe you have enough data from your other books to see if the contest moved the needle on marketshare during the pre-sale as well.

        • bfeld

          Yup – given how data obsessed I am I’ll be paying attention.

  • sjd

    lower royalties for the Kindle version? i’ll buy it, but prefer e-versions

    • bfeld

      Actually, the Kindle version has higher royalties! I am going to run a separate Kindle / Nook contest next wek.

      • sjd

        thx for reply -bought the hard cover a while ago

  • Brandon Marker

    I can’t believe I missed this! oh well, still looking forward to reading it soon!

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