Startup Communities Is Available Now On Kindle

As an author, it’s always incredibly exciting to get the actual finished version of a book I’ve written. While I still haven’t seen a physical version of Startup Communities (it’s still in pre-order), the Kindle version is now shipping.

If you don’t want to wait any longer for it, you can grab a copy on the Kindle right now. And, if you’ve pre-ordered it on the Kindle, it should be pushed to your Kindle by now (if it’s not, tell me and I’ll nudge someone.)

  • Salim Ismail

    Bought, downloaded and currently reading avidly. Awesome stuff, Brad.

    • bfeld


  • Michael Edgar

    Very happy that I saw this post today. Our start-up community / leadership team, “the greater Waukegan development coalition”, has a huge event planned on October 11th. the book would have never arrived in time!.

    • bfeld

      Awesome! Glad it worked out.

      • Michael Edgar

        Thanks. please check out our Community FB page land let me know your thoughts:

        • Michael Edgar

          ok. I just finished reading. My only comment would be spending more time discussing the parallel universe conundrum. While the book was written broadly and could be applied to other start up community types the tech start up community has the most sex appeal and become the de facto definition of a start up community. I am still reeling from most computer architects calling themselves Architects. One paradigm shift in a life is enough. -lol.

          • bfeld

            Thx – good suggestion. I’ll try to cover that more on the Startup Revolution blog (

  • Tomas

    Sweet! congrats, I’m excited to read it

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