Recruiting Event Hosted by Foundry Group’s Bay Area Startups

If you are looking for a cool job in the bay area, go take a look at the recruiting event happening on 10/5/12 organized by a bunch of our portfolio companies searching for amazing folks.

The neat thing to me about this is that my partners and I had nothing to do with this – it was completely self-organized by the CEOs of the companies in which we’ve invested in the bay area. We have a very active internal CEO list and I saw a thread about this that started a week ago and then generated a long thread as the CEOs decided to do it and figured it out. I’m sitting with Seth, Jason, and Ryan after a long (awesome) day together doing email and watching football and Jason said “hey – did you see the tweet about the bay area recruiting event!”

It’s another example of the power of the network that I believe is rapidly dominating the way we live and work. No one asked permission. No one had to get approval. It is a great idea – and it just got implemented fast.

If you are looking for a new gig, our friends at DataheroSifteoAwe.smSingly, MongolabAuthentic8, and Pantheon want to hang out with you. Go sign up for the event on 10/5/12 from 6pm – 8pm. It’s free and there will be food, drink, cool tech, and great people.

  • Mark Phillips

    Brad, do you use anything special with any value add for your CEO list? Or is it just a yahoo group?

    • Google Group. Nothing special beyond that.

  • Govind

    Hi Brad — I’m excited to come down from Stanford for this, but I would like to meet some Foundry Group members as well. Will this be possible?

    • Let me check and see if any of my partners are going to be there (as I’m not in town that day).

  • Larry Goldman

    Brad – Any chance of doing something similar in the Denver / Boulder area?!

    • Since it was totally self organized by the companies we are investors in, I expect something fun and magical will happen in Boulder / Denver at some point.

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