My Awesome Experience With Retrofit

When I started Retrofit last fall, I weighed 216. I’ve struggled for a decade to get below 210 – it would happen sometimes but I’d quickly end back up in the 210 – 220 range. I ran marathons so this was frustrating – I am a pescatarian and eat healthy, just too much.

I started Retrofit and within three months was down to 200. I’ve been between 195 and 200 for the past six months and have a clear understanding of how to be at 195 by simply cutting out a few things for a few weeks. My running has improved by a minute a mile, I’ve dropped from a 38 waist to a 36 waist (and could probably pull off a 34), and feel so much better.

If your have been struggling to lose weight for a long time, give Retrofit a try. It’s not a diet, it’s a complete and total reprogramming of the way you think about food. The founder Jeff Hyman is a long time friend (I was a seed investor in his first company in 1996) and is incredibly passionate about Retrofit and what he and his team is doing. I’m not an investor (it’s outside our themes), but I’m a huge supporter of Jeff and Retrofit – it’s been amazing for me as a customer.

Following is a short video that will start appearing on national TV in the next month. I’m honored to be part of it with David Cohen, the CEO of TechStars, who has lost over 30 pounds (and looks awesome) since starting Retrofit at about the same time as me.

While I feel like the guy on late night TV some times, this experience has been transformational. Seriously, take a look. I can’t rave enough about what Retrofit has done for me.

  • CliffElam

    If he could simply remove chocolate chip cookies from the universe….

    Several people at my Y have lost a lot of weight with this method and have had good things to say about it.


  • James Mitchell

    You run hundreds of miles each week and you need to worry about your weight???

    • I actually only run 30 – 50. And exercise is a minor part of weigh loss until you get > 10 hours / week. The exercise is all about “maintaining”

      • well, it’s a component in the calorie count. I do best when I’m conscious about what I eat throughout the day and the amount of calories per item, and simply walking or hiking 3 miles a day. But I’ve hit a plateau and could see the benefit of external guidance.

    • Paul Meloan

      Marathons are full of fit, but overweight, people. If you haven’t seen one check it out in any big city in North America and I think you will agree.

  • Recently broke through the 200lbs mark (next stop 190), thanks in large part to a bit of (Romanian?) wisdom: “you can’t outrun the fork.”

  • Reading you describe it, Retrofit sounds awesome, but the sight looks really cheesy––like something out of an infomercial. Anyway you could help them look a little… less cheap and scammy.

    • laurayecies

      Totally – especially the 12 sessions free come on….

    • I think the site looks legit. Definitely more like a typical startup than a weight loss site. The logo on the other hand…is puzzling.

  • This is great for those struggling with weight, a huge chuck of Americans.

    This is no “pill” you can take but rather personal responsibility for your body.

  • Robert Dewey

    Losing weight / staying fit is definitely a lifestyle change. Most people hope to diet for a few weeks and melt the pounds away, but then they go right back to their old habits.

    For me personally, I try to always stay under 175lbs (I’m 6′ tall). As soon as the scale hits that, I back off on eating. My fear is that I’ll let things spiral out of control. I still have a barely visible 6 pack from my gym days, but I think it’s slowly turning into a keg. Too bad real beer doesn’t transform like that.

  • Thanks Brad. Your testimonial speaks volumes. I’ve also known Jeff for years and have been following Retrofit from afar while trying to do my own ala carte program (Fitbit, Four Hour Body, Jenny Craig etc. ) over the last year w/ limited results. Time to test Retrofit for myself (I’ll vouch for your referral fee) as I’m a few months shy of my big 50 and more than a few pounds short of my ideal 🙂 Hope to report my own transformative testimonial in a few months.

  • Dan

    Awesome! Sounds like they nailed it. I wonder if a similar approach (behavior mod/support/experts, etc) could be used to help people stop smoking. Next product, maybe?

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