Entrepreneurs Unplugged Monday 9/24 With BlogFrog

On Monday night 9/24 from 6:15 to 7:45 I’m co-hosting the first Entrepreneurs Unplugged session of Fall 2012 at CU Boulder. We’ll be at ATLAS in Room 100 and I’ll be interviewing Rustin Banks (CEO) and Holly Hamann (VP Marketing) of BlogFrog.

If you are interested in coming, please register here. It’s free, but we do have a limited number of seats. I love doing the Entrepreneurs Unplugged sessions – it’s a chance for me to interview some of the great Boulder entrepreneurs, especially up and coming ones like Rusty and Holly. I’ve known Holly since her time as VP of Marketing at Service Metrics, a company in which I was an investor in the late 1990’s and was a huge Boulder success story when they were acquired in 1999 by Exodus for $280 million. I met Rusty more recently, a few years ago when he was just starting BlogFrog. While I’m not an investor, I introduced him to a few friends of mine including David Cohen of TechStars who helped him put together his angel round.

Since Rusty and Holly started BlogFrog, they’ve create a rapidly growing company that is another Boulder success story. They raised a $3.2 million round in the spring and have gained national visibility in the past year for creating a great new approach to influence marketing.

Rusty, Holly, and BlogFrog have a great story. Come hang out with me Monday at CU Boulder and hear it.

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  • Frank Miller

    In looking at a couple of your recent posts, I’m wondering. I may be oversimplifying but it looks to me like Return Path is trying to get around spam filters for email and BlogFrog is basically coordinating paid blog advertising. Both of these efforts appear to me to be focused on things that are essentially fighting against the end users. What I mean is this. Spam filters came along cuz people can’t stand getting so much junk email. I sense the potential for a real backlash against bloggers that do paid work. I’ve read several stories recently that were negative about how some bloggers were doing this and keeping it secret and got found out. So, now the flippant sounding but actually serious question. Do you think that these types of efforts are actually doing more to hasten the demise of the underlying platforms (i.e. email and blogging) than actually helping?

  • DJ

    Cool, didn’t know Holly worked at Service Metrics. Funny thing about that sale: I remember being impressed by the size of that deal. Then, just a few days later, Blue Mountain was sold for something like $900 million. I remember being doubly impressed that the Service Metrics deal wasn’t even the largest deal that week!

    • Interestingly the Exodus stock quadrupled by the time the deal closed so it ended up being over $1b. Excite went the other direction.

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