TechStars Boulder Gets Better Every Year

TechStars Boulder Demo Day was today and all I can say is WOW! This is the sixth TechStars program in Boulder and I’m just blown away by the entrepreneurs, their companies, the mentors, the investors, and the Boulder community. Clare Tischer put up a TechStars Demo Day 2012 post with descriptions of the companies and links – rather than repeat that here, I’d encourage you to go take a look. There are already a handful of posts from various teams up – my favorite so far is a tribute to Nicole Glaros from the RollSale gang.

If you are an investor and missed demo day but find any of the companies interesting, it’s easy to connect with them via the TechStars Demo Day Email Intro App (ok – that’s not the official name for it, but it just reinforces that you shouldn’t let me name things.)

And – if you are interested in following the story of these teams, the Founders series is back in the fall that tracks a number of them through the program. Here’s the trailer.

I just got out of a meeting with one of the TechStars Boulder teams from the first program. They are going strong, have grown a sizable company, and are amazing people. It makes me so incredibly happy to get to hang out with and work with everything around TechStars. David – thanks so much for showing up for random day in 2006 – it continues to be an awesome journey.

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  • Clare Bear

    I’m really going to miss this class.

  • Jess Bachman

    I really enjoyed the video series that bloomberg did in new york and I think a program like this would led it self to a voyeuristic video component. Maybe not as savvy or edited as the bloomberg one, but it would be interesting to see the inner workings and how companies change in the program.

    • bfeld

      We’ve done two of these (full series – following a set of companies) in the past.

      Season One follows Everlater, Next Big Sound, and Retel Technologies. Season Two follows RentMonitor, Omniar, and Kapost.

      Season 1:
      Season 2:

      These were what led to the Bloomberg show – they liked how we did this and wanted to do something for a broader audience.

      • Jess Bachman

        hah! awesome! thanks brad… I’ve got some watchin to do.

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