Denver Startups – Get on the Map

In another example of entrepreneurs just doing it and not waiting for anyone to give them permission, a couple of Denver entrepreneurs created the Denver Startup Map. My friends at FullContact blogged about it this morning and explained how it works. It’s simple – if you are a startup – just go to the map and put your information on the shared Google map. 60 seconds – done.

While you are at it, I encourage you to go enter your startups information into CrunchBase. I’ve been working on a mapping project with Ross Carlson (our IT guy) and Ian Kuliasha (Silicon Flatirons) that we plan to roll out shortly. It’s based on CrunchBase data and the open source Represent-map project that was the basis for Represent.LA map of the LA startup ecosystem that Alex Benzer of SocialEngine created.

We’ve got a nice twist on this that leverages CrunchBase data, will be applicable to any geography, and will be open sourced so get ahead of us and get your data in. We’ll be rolling it out as part of Startup Revolution.

And – while you are at it, if you are a Denver startup, get on the map.

  • James Mitchell

    As someone who grew up in LA and plans on moving back, I was particularly interested in the map. It’s interesting that most of the startups seem to be in Santa Monica and Marina del Ray. I am certain this has nothing to do with the fact that the ocean is right there and is based solely on dispassionate business analysis of what is best for the startup. 😉 If this doesn’t prove that entrepreneurs found companies based on where they want to live, I don’t know what does.

    Ignoring the bias in collecting data, this can provide some really good insight about entrepreneurial density — how many startups in one square mile?

  • This is exciting! Brad once wrote about do what you are passionate about, and live where you want to live. Don’t wait, just do it. This is a great tool to follow that advise! Thanks Brad, Ross and Ian!

    Props to Bart for contributing to the Denver startup scene!

  • We have a Baltimore startup map as well!

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  • Hey Brad – love the mapping. We’ve been building a global map of developers over the last couple of months. We’re also now engaged in using much of that backend to start mapping and connecting members of another sector.

    Would be great to see a more comprehensive and functional map of the startup ecosystem. Mapping is the first step, the value obviously is in facilitating the connection members need most.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and happy to chat about what/how/why we’re building the way we are if it’s helpful.

    PS for the developer map – we’re iterating live at

  • I have always loved maps and it is great to see startups on them. I recently got a notification about similar map for Egypt. It lists the startups, investors, incubators, accelerators and more. It is stil a work in progress but it is a great way to get foreigner a glimpse of whats happening. Here is the link

  • Thanks for the idea to FullContact and for mentioning it Brad. I created one for Portland too, which as you know has a couple of Foundry companies.

    I just moved back to Portland after a year in Boulder, so this was a good way to get re-acquainted. Also, since many people compare Portland to Boulder in terms of startup community, it’s interesting to see how density compares.

    • Love the Portland one!

  • In the Upstate New York region we’ve started NextPlex – , which maps local startups and compiles startup events and profiles in one spot, city by city. We’re making it work here and plan to grow it to more and more locations.

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