What’s The Best Online Transcription Service?

Yesterday’s post on Searching For A Collaborative Writing Tool elicited some great feedback and suggestions from y’all. It was super helpful and I’ve got a lot of things to try. For now, Amy and I are working in Google Docs (which was a suggestion from a few of you) but there are a couple of neat tools that I’ll definitely play around with.

Today I’m looking for the best online transcription service for when I’m NOT connected to a computer. In my fantasy world, I talk into my iPhone and magically get a transcribed text document back. It can’t be dependent on my being online as there are plenty of places where I’d be transcribing things where I wouldn’t have a cell signal.

Any thoughts / suggestions?

  • You might check out:
    http://www.mymonolog.com/ It’s a marketplace for transcription and has the iPhone app you’d like. The marketplace is cool though since you can keep your interface the same, but switch providers if you don’t like the one you use or want one that provides a different or better service. The only thing I’m not sure is if it works offline. Seems like it should though.

  • I use Captio with the microphone. If the email doesn’t send, it is saved until you do get a connection.

  • usadventure

    Android 4.1 has off-line transcription.

  • I have a transcription app on my iphone, its called Dragon Diction. If you talk into it, it types what you say – though this can be a tad inaccurate at times. 🙂

  • My company http://generalmachin.es does something similar but for people who have hearing loss or fully deaf. Check out a video of the product: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3D7drfjRtQ

  • If quality is important, I recommend https://www.speechpad.com/. We use them for Jason Cohen’s Smart Bear Live (www.smartbearlive.com – I produce the show for him). Good web-based workflow. $1/minute. Brainchild of http://www.vcdave.com/.

  • At SEOmoz we use Speech Pad as well (for Whiteboard Fridays transcriptions once a week), but you have to be online for that. I’ll keep my eyes open for a phone-to-transcript app!

  • Ryan Howell

    I’ve used both speechpad.com ($1/minute, 1 week turnaround; $2/minute, 24 hour turnaround) and speak-write.com ($0.0125/word, 3 hour turnaround). Both allow you to call in to transcribe, or use a mobile app.

  • Igor Semenov
  • Pete

    I’ve used Dragon Dictation for some eLearning projects. It works quite well. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dragon-dictation/id341446764?mt=8

  • Yesterday, here at OSCON, I heard that that on Jellybean the android.speech package ( http://developer.android.com/reference/android/speech/package-summary.html) will work offline.
    If that is true, then it would be pretty easy to write a speech to text app ..that could cache then upload to google docs (or similar) when the device connects to the tubes.
    yoh ho ho.

  • I have no suggestions but find many of the services mentioned below very interesting.

  • Brad Sorry to post this here – but Re Internet Defense League

    Yes I have signed up, but would ask if you agree that climate-change could reduce internet freedom to a fairly pathetic storm in a teacup.

    If you read the following well thought out post, the discussions about power abuse by the big lobbies that Fred was raising recently mean not lots to a lot of big companies – but all future value to all companies.

    Maybe the issue is too big for your handful of VC’s and big companies to make a difference or get their heads round, but then again I would have guessed that about SOPA.
    Internet Defense is certainly a battle worth having, because it’s how we hear what we need to – but I am more sure that Climate Change is a war we are losing.
    So I simply wonder where you stand ?

    • “I wonder where you stand” – I believe climate change is a serious issue. I don’t see the intersection between the Internet Defense League and it – there are many other problems in the world as well.

      • I see the intersection as VC playing a large part in representing global technological interests in the future. The industry has taken a commanding position in thought leadership regards one and could regards the other, but seems not to.
        GreenTech has seen some spectacular failures.
        Success might be anticipated if VC offered leadership on the political issues of governance as globally future returns are doubtless predicated on what happens now.

        Re other problems – yes and I see many VC – too many to call out “giving back” admirably in numerous fields.

  • my other comment was for when you’re disconnected .. however, if you’re connected – the ispeech.org stuff is worth a look. I’ve used they’re API for a voice command/control proof of concept.

  • Chirag Ahuja

    Hi @facebook-3311108:disqus @twitter-524636493:disqus, speaking from a mobility perspective, http://transcribeme.com/ has developed an end to end transcription solution from your smartphone to

  • Try http://www.foxtranscribe.com. We charge $1/minute for 48 hour turnaround. This is a 2-pass service, meaning that every audio file is first transcribed, and then proofread by a reviewer. The company was founded by early oDesk employees, so we’ve been focused on building large freelancer pools and optimizing for quality since 2004. We also have an API that voice app developers can use to get transcriptions.

  • AntonyEvans

    Android 4.0 has this service built in… maybe you should shift to that?

  • Mariam Abbas

    The best transcription service I come to approach was https://speechtotextservice.com/. They provided timely transcription, and were able to hold chunks of projects simultaneously.

  • Riley Nottingham

    http://www.doneitnow.com is $1/minute for 4 day turnarounds or $2/minute for 24 hour turnarounds. We provide 24/7 customer support and our transcriptions are of a fantastic quality. We are based in Australia, too!

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