The Joy Of Shipping A Day Early

Yesterday at 4:57pm I hit send in Gmail and submitted the final draft of my newest book Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneur Ecosystem In Your City to my publisher (Wiley). I’ve still got two more revision cycles – one in a few weeks when I get the final copyedited version and then one last review of the page proofs but the book is done. The publication date is early October but if history is a guide it should be out by mid-September.

Startup Communities is the first book in a four book series I’m doing called Startup Revolution. I’m spending most of this summer in maker mode at my house in Keystone and doing all my normal work, but I’m not travelling at all and trying to spend as little time as possible doing random stuff. June was just awesome – I feel rested, happier, and more productive than I’ve felt in a very long time.

My deadline was the end of day on July 5th. Specifically 11:59pm on July 5th. It felt phenomenal to get done a day early. I went for a short bike ride (I have a marathon this weekend in Montana so I’m tapering), had some dinner, grabbed some ice cream and popcorn, and watched the first six episodes of Damages with Amy. Four hours later my brain was calmed down from a 40+ hour focused push to get the book out.

Today feels like a total bonus day. I’m heading out for lunch with Amy, grabbing some salt tablets for my marathon, working on random stuff this afternoon, running an hour to dinner and then eating with two good friends (and Amy). We get up early tomorrow and head to Montana.

Life is good.

  • Girish

    looks maker mode is working and really making a difference….would love to learn more from you.

  • Oh, the feeling!!!

    • And I know you know it!

    • tyronerubin

      re-reading your book right now.

  • Heads up ! Brad – typo in title of the book “You vs Your” – Will be reading 🙂

  • great job. FYI. I like the image of your email inbox!! You must be one of the few writers that actually finishes their writing by their scheduled time. You should write a book on how writers can meet their deadlines 🙂

  • COECOVentures

    Congratulations! Time for a well earned rest. Then you can start on your next tome. May I humbly suggest Venture Fails? I have some real gems to share for that one, including one that is in full meltdown right now. I’m using it as a ‘scared straight’ program for companies I’m advising.

  • Congrats…focus is everything.

    I don’t have it all the time but it’s clear that I don’t get anything done without it.

  • Congrats! You deserve the bonus day. Hope it was a good one.

    • It was. A black and tan at lunch with Amy, dinner with friends, and four more episodes of Damages!

      • Sounds great! A black and tan sounds great. I think i’ll have one of those myself today. 🙂

  • tyronerubin

    Cant wait.

    What are the other 3 in the series? You mentioned one with Amy on maintaining a relationship while being an entrepreneur.

  • Wow, that sounds fantastic–I can’t wait to read the book! Creating an “entrepreneur ecosystem” is exactly what we need in Colorado Springs. I’m eagerly awaiting October… or September.

    • Have you gotten connected into Startup Colorado Springs – ? Also, do you know Jan Horsfall who has been leading a bunch of efforts? If not, and you want an intro, just email me.

      • I think I’ve seen some of those guys once or twice at an event, but I don’t know them. Thanks for your offer—I’ll email you!

  • Looking forward to reading the book Brad.

  • congratulations brad. i can’t wait to read this book.

  • I like the idea of shooting to ship a day early on everything. congrats; looking fwd to seeing the book.

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  • Can’t wait to read this… and curious to see if the foreword will be as epic as your last book.

    Would also be interested to hear what made you go back to a publisher, versus self-publishing.

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