Tech Reporter Contact List

I get asked all the time for a list of “tech reporters / bloggers” to contact around an announcement. A few weeks ago, I was pointed to a list on the web by Brownstein & Egusa titled the Tech Reporter Contact List. It’s actually seven lists.

  1. Top 100 Tech Blogs
  2. Top Tech Blog Reporters
  3. Top 100 Newspapers
  4. Reporters At Top 100 Newspapers
  5. Popular Bloggers
  6. Mobile Blogs
  7. SEO Blogs

As a bonus, there’s also a good Beginners Guide To PR up on the same site.

  • Ivan

    Perfect tip, thanks a million!

  • Neil Patel

    thanks for sharing

  • Please remember the *context* of the blogger if you reach out directly.

    Tech news sites expect to be inundated with stories, so it’s appropriate to reach out, but with a story genuinely useful to their audience.

    But in the “popular bloggers” section, by contrast, there’s lots of us (like me, and I assume Brad & Mark Suster though I don’t speak for them!) who appreciate certain types of notes but certainly not PR wire blasts and requests to republish/share irrelevant articles and low-content keyword bait thinly-veiled as a “guest post.” Those emails get marked “spam.”

  • Hi everyone,

    To those that have commented and shared, I’m really glad the PR resource is of help.

    To respond to Jason’s remark, I completely agree. Not only is “spam” inconvenient for popular bloggers like Jason and Brad, it is completely ineffective. The last thing I want is for spam to occur – this resource was instead created because I believe there is room to help the entrepreneur that has limited resources.

    For any reporter or individual who has an email on the list, I emailed and offerred to remove any who did not want to be included. Jason, I just looked back into my messages and saw that I had messaged you but had forgotten to ask if you would like to be removed, which is my mistake (I will be sending you a message right after this to ask you).

    One of the things that has been nice to see is that not only have almost all reporters been fine with being included, but a number of publications have reached out asking to be added. I also released a free PR guide at the same time for the purpose of better informing those on how to approach reporters/popular bloggers and to limit unrelated emails.

    This being said, it’s important to me to be sensitive to anyone who does not want to be included.

    • I’m happy to be included, just trying to set expectations for the different types of people on these lists.

      And I didn’t mean to imply that somehow these sorts of lists are bad in any way, or that somehow you’re responsible for the people who abuse them!

  • great list to have when and if you need to contact one of the reporters. I definitely agree with @asmartbear:disqus regarding the spam topic. Also, in general I believe that building some type of relationship is a worthwhile effort before cold emailing individuals.

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  • erinbury

    Always happy to have entrepreneurs reach out – launched in February as a new source for emerging tech news & trends. Get in touch with me (Managing Editor) directly at, or email our general tips line at Great lists!

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