Boulder APIs and IPAs Meetup/Drinkup Thursday July 26th

If you are a web developer in Boulder who does stuff with APIs, I encourage you to join our friends at Singly on Thursday 7/26 at the Bitter Bar from 5:30 – 8:30. They are building an organic network of friends and evangelists around APIs and looking to have a conversation with anyone interested. Several Foundry Group companies who are API-centric will be there including FullContact and SendGrid are co-sponsoring the event and helping to promote it.

When: Thursday July 26th
What: APIs and IPAs. Free drinks and appetizers; Sign Up Here
Where: Bitter Bar Boulder | 835 Walnut Street | 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Singly is an API abstraction layer and data service for developers who are building apps that consume data from multiple authenticated/private social data sources.  They handle/unify auth, data syncing, unified access patterns for query, cleaning (deduplication, etc) and storage. In general, they are seeing more apps being built that are “smart” apps that create new data/experiences drawing from the growing body of already generated data/experiences and are aiming to make it increasingly easy and cost/time efficient to do so.

  • Hi Brad Love your posts, I wanted to introduce you to our new blog here we interview startups that have recently graduated from an accelerator program. They are mostly European companies, since we are in the UK, but we have some great new companies up their that you might find to be pretty awesome.

    • RBC

      I’m based in the UK and wish you the best of luck – definitely not hating on your business but you should have researched Brad a little more, name dropped Techstars Boulder ditto Fred and Disrupt NYC. One of the great things about Disqus is we see your posts across different blogs. So take a moment to invest in relationships.

  • I love the name of this. APIs and IPAs are two of my favorite things 🙂

  • DanielHorowitz

    Looks good. API abstraction FTW

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