You Are The Sustainable Future Of Daily Deals

Deal Co-op, the company that powers Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals, released their software last week as a self serve, SaaS product. This means anyone reading this post can go to and create their own deal store like I did with Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals. This type of software works great for bloggers, entrepreneurs, publishers – basically anyone with an existing online presence looking to monetize their audience.

I was a lead mentor for Deal Co-op during TechStars Seattle 2010. Back then, the founders (and brothers) Nate and Mike Schmidt had already created a great white label software that powers daily deal and group buying sites. Now that their software is self serve, you can hop on their site, sign up, and start designing your store with an Interactive Store Designer tool. It’s fun and you can build a new business in seconds. On average, I make $555 for each deal I post and blog about. Not bad!

Nate and Mike have spent a bunch of time thinking about the long term sustainability of daily deals and group buying. Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals is a good example of Deal Co-op’s vision for the industry. Relevant offers to a targeted audience are the key – and you don’t have to make offers every day to be successful. To explain this with real numbers, they  just put up an excellent blog post discussing the history of Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals.

But that’s not all. Don’t miss our deal this week, Learn How to Build iPhone Apps! Check it out – a $49 course that is normally $197. Yet another amazing deal brought to you by your favorite huckster.

  • I wonder how the daily deal space is doing these days. Seems to have been a daily deal unto itself.

    btw, lots of 404’s in the footer links of that signup page.

    also, I thought you stopped viglinking… maybe im wrong.

    • I took Viglinks down but then tuned it and put it back up.

  • I’ve bookmarked this as I should talk to them in a few months.

    The horizontal daily deal space is a mess. But I believe that within verticals with targeted audiences, deals for the customer and inventory relief for the vendor intersect nicely.

    I’m rolling out a beta for a wine marketplace (www, that could use functionality at a store level in the platform.

    This was in the back of my mind. Useful info!

    • We’d love to work with you when you’re ready. Just for fun, we mocked up a Local Sip store in about 5 minutes using our Interactive Store Designer. You can see it below with a sample deal. Feel free to reach out at when you are ready to get started.

      • Thanks Nate….

        I’m a ways off but already shops are asking for this functionality.

  • this is very cool and I can definitely see how the high influencers on the web can promote items to a targeted audience. Also, I like your car salesman persona on your page 🙂

  • That is an amazing graphic with this post. I think that Brad is successful (among other reasons) because he is such an amazing supporter and advocate for the companies in which he is involved.

  • I can see how this would be a fun, not full time, side project for a company or person with a large audience focused on a vertical or large urban area.

    Out of curiosity, how large is your reach Brad? Would be interesting to see what the $ per audience member per deal is.

    • Twitter > 100k
      Blog > 50k / month

  • When I arrived in admin panel I thought I was redirected to Mailchimp admin. However, the software looks great;)

  • Hailey Steiner

    Great job, guys!!

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