The Microsoft Accelerator (Powered By TechStars) Is A Hit And It’s Expanding

The first cycle of The Microsoft Accelerator, powered by TechStars, is in its final run up to demo day. The first program has focused on Kinect applications and has some super teams, such as Gestsure (they control operating rooms with motion control) and Ubi (they turn any surface into a touch screen.)

Demo Day is in Seattle on June 28th. If you are an investor (angel or VC), send me an email and I’ll get you an invitation.

TechStars and Microsoft have been so pleased with the program that a second cycle of the Microsoft Accelerator in Seattle has been added focusing on cloud-based applications.  The applications are open now through July 13. Each company gets $20k in funding, mentorship from top entrepreneurs, investors and Microsoft executives, $60K in Azure credit, office space, training and support, and demo day to pitch to investors, media, and industry influentials.

As you may know Microsoft has really made some awesome improvements to Windows Azure. Most notably it’s much more open source focused. Want to run Linux? No problem. Python? No problem as Microsoft has embraced open source with this update of Windows Azure. While you need not be using Azure to apply to the Microsoft Accelerator, if you’re playing in the Microsoft ecosystem at all I’d really encourage you to take a look at the latest news about Windows Azure.

If you are an entrepreneur working on something cloud computing related, especially in the Microsoft ecosystem, consider applying to the Microsoft Accelerator today.

  • I bet there will be some ridiculously awesome stuff coming out of the kinnect program.

    Also I wish people would stop using the false Harvard admissions analogy. Applicants to Harvard are already 4.0 GPA proven achievers, you don’t apply if you are not.

    Applicants to accelerators can be any person with a bad idea and 15 minutes to fill out a form. It is likely easier for a capable person to get into Techstars or Ycom than it is Harvard. That’s why its Harvard.

  • Love this. My Xbox is used an endless amount of hours during the week, and they are helping to make my experience that much better. Can’t wait to see the continued applications that come out of this for our everyday lives.


    Themed accelerator, cool.

  • This is awesome stuff…. Very timely as I was just reading “buttons are a hack” —

    With Windows 8, Surface, Azure, plus embracing startups — I’d say Microsoft is finally getting out of its decade long rut… Of course, Xbox being the exception.

  • This kind of stuff really excites me, especially with other players like Oblong ( Beyond the teaser applications (gaming, map controlling, projector enhancement), the amazing potential in medicine, physics/chemistry/biology modeling, and data manipulation is powerful. It could make systems like the DaVinci surgical system even more affordable, precise, and ubiquitous.

    It’s especially nice to see a focus on things like this with all the “silly” app companies getting funded left and right.

  • Just a heads up, with the embedded video at the top of your post, when you try to share on G+ in chrome you are unable to post because the video is overlaying the G+ popup.

    • Strange – just tried it on a Mac with Chrome and is seemed to work. Are you on a Mac or PC?

      • PC. Just checked again and its still doing it.

        • Thx – we’ll try to figure it out.

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