TechStars Patriot Boot Camp

TechStars Patriot Boot Camp is an intense three-day program that will educate and mentor Veterans and Service Members to innovate, build technology companies, and create jobs. TechStars hopes that participation in the Patriot Boot Camp will be the catalyst for Veterans and Service Members to kickstart a company, find co-founders, and advance as entrepreneurs. Veterans, spouses of Veterans, or companies comprised of 50% or more Veterans are encouraged to apply to the July event in D.C. and 75 qualified applications will be accepted.

The deadline to apply is June 24th, this Sunday at midnight Eastern time. Apply now!

If you have questions or want to help out as a mentor, drop TechStars a note.

  • BillMcNeely

    Thank you for supporting veterans as they make the transition to the civilian sector. I really appreciate your personal assistance back in the spring.

    • bfeld

      My pleasure!

  • MGreczyn

    Any idea if this is a one-off, or is there potential for follow-on events?

    • bfeld

      There will be others.

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