Startup Iceland Interview With The Brads (Feld and Burnham)

Brad Burnham (Union Square Ventures) and I were in Iceland a few weeks ago for the Startup Iceland event. Bala Kamallakharan organized the event and moderated the discussion (and was an amazing host.)  We talk about the Boulder and New York startup communities, why we were hanging out Iceland, what we thought about Iceland as a startup community, how to “organize the future” (since the future doesn’t have a political lobby), innovators vs. incumbents, leaders and feeders, and what to do if you want to create a lasting long-term startup community,  As a bonus, around minute 17, you can find out how to get me to come to a conference in your city.

Amy and I had an awesome week in Iceland and have decided to go back again next year.

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  • Rohan

    Have you read ‘The Geography of Bliss’ by Eric Weiner, Brad?

    Eric sure shares your views on Iceland. :)

  • Alex Hammer

    You’re a very productive and accessible person, and kind. Next time I am going to interview you by video!

  • Ignacio Castro

    Have you been to Costa Rica, Brad? We would love to have you there to share some of your insights on how to build a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

    • bfeld

      Not yet – definitely on the list.

      • Ignacio Castro

        Being on the list is great, we will be working hard to extend an invitation soon.

  • Girish

    keen to see you visit India soon sir


    Do let us know when you are here.

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  • Drew Meyers

    Love the thought on being obsessed with the product, as it means I’m in the right camp of people who are beyond obsessed with building the best possible product possible. I rarely go a day where a new product idea doesn’t pop into my mind, and then instantly jump to thinking through how that fits into the grand vision I’m going after.

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