Happy 19th Anniversary Amy

Amy – we have been married for 19 years today. Some of our friends chose today to get married such as my partner Seth and his wife Greeley. Other close friends are celebrating anniversaries, including Fred and Joanne (25th yesterday) and my parents (49th a few days ago).  We are in good company even though we are still newlyweds compared to them. And, as a bonus, 19 is a prime number as is the sum of the digits of the date (06/21/2012).

When I reflect on my life, getting married to you is the best decision I’ve ever made. The great moments – which are frequent – are awesome. When we have issues we always work through them. And figuring out why we had the issue in the first place makes us better partners.

I’m your biggest fan, and I know you are mine. I can’t imagine tackling things like doing a marathon in every state without your support. I’d never be able to sustain the pace of my work if I didn’t know you were there for me. The victories and celebrations are so much sweeter since I get to share them with you.

Whenever I’ve been down, broken, defeated, or depressed, you’ve always been a safe person for me to be with. You listen when I need to talk, and you let me hang out in my man cave when I need to be alone. You know what makes me tick better than any other human on this planet and never make me do things I hate. As a bonus, you do things you hate, like clean up the dog poop when accidents happen, since you know how devastatingly difficult it would be for me to have to deal with it.

Last summer we got to spend 60 days in a row together – the longest stretch we’d ever been together so far in our life. It made me want to spend even more time with you and I’m having such a blast spending the whole summer with you this year.

I can’t imagine life without you. I love you and look forward to many more anniversaries together.

  • JLM


    “As a bonus, you do things you hate, like clean up the dog poop when accidents happen, since you know how devastatingly difficult it would be for me to have to deal with it”

    Amy, go out today and buy yourself some 2 carat diamond earrings (2 carats each) for having to put up with this.

    Some things should NOT be shared.

    Happy Anniversary.

    JLM – 33 years


    • ck

      Love you guys as individuals. Love you as a couple! HAppy ANniversary dear ones.

  • RedRookDigital

    Congratulations, and happy anniversary Amy and Brad. 🙂

  • The fact that you worked in the prime number bit and dog poo and yet still somehow showed how much love and appreciation you really have for your wife is just great!

    Congrats and best wishes for many many more years (spent together as much as possible).

  • ok, I’m likely going to feel silly asking this – but how does the sum of the digits add up to 19?

    Weird how much we have in common…. I’m the son of Jewish parents who celebrate their 49th anniversary this Saturday… my wife and I married for 20 years a week from today. Wait, I’m not an uber-successful VC, oh well 🙂

    Congrats and a very nice tribute to your wife! Another thing in common, I feel exactly the same way about mine….

    • I meant that the sum of the digits of 06/21/2012 results in a prime (6+21+2012 = 2039). Congrats on your great relationship!

      • doh! Got it. I did 6+2+1+2+1+2, and then I did what you did, but then added up 2+3+9. Didn’t even dawn on me to look at 2039. Guess my brain is not on straight this morning.

        • It didn’t occur to me to add the individual digits. 14 is a much less interesting number than 2039.

  • You’re honest and you’re kind. Many many many many more.

  • Becky Cooper

    Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Brad and Amy! Here’s to many many more!

  • Congratulations! and I love the mention of prime numbers – nice touch. Though it did throw me that you thought 14 was prime. 🙂

    bsoist – 22 years, 48 weeks

  • tyronerubin

    Congrats! looking forward to Startup Communities.
    Living in a place like Cape Town, South Africa.
    Touch and go, will it be an innovation hub for Africa.
    hoping so and hoping your book will provide much needed adivce.

    • Thx – I’m deep in it – pretty happy with the progress I’m making. It should be out in September.

  • StevenHB

    Happy anniversary to both of you!

    • Thx my friend. You’ve known us both for – ahem – 27 or so years. Eek!

      • StevenHB

        I have – in fact, I’ve known you since September, 1983 which is just about 29 ([g]eek^2!).

  • very cool – not an easy accomplishment – congrats on 19!

  • Oh sure, make a guy tear up first thing in the morning. nice.

    Congrats! 🙂

    • I know right – jeez. I’m farklemt. Truly heartwarming, Brad. My kid sister is celebrating her first year (paper) anniversary in three days so it hits close to home for me too.


  • Mahendra R.

    Congratulations Brad and Amy – an entrepreneur once told me as he finished his pitch, “Like marriage, raising money is daunting and I’d prefer doing it only once — with the right partner.” May the force be with you. Brad – you run 50 miles on a boring weekend so the dog poop part should be easy ?

    • Cleaning up dog poop is way harder for me than running 50 miles.

  • LisaO

    Amy – this man is a gem. When he was in LA a few months back speaking to a group of tech entrepreneurs [immediately pos 50 mile run] he mentioned that he was missing you. Truly rare expression of emotion and affection – nice to see and hear knowing it’s genuine.You know what they say about ‘the woman behind the man’!
    Congratulations Brad & Amy

  • Big congrats Brad!

  • Brad, So glad you are a role model for this community. It’s so important to keep on preaching what really matters. With your “real life” priorities in the right order, accomplishing small tasks like building great companies is easy! Please never stop spreading the good word and being an awesome role model!!!

  • LivePaola

    Wait… cleaning up dog poop would be “devastantingly difficult” for you? What does that even mean?

    • That means that whenever one of my dogs poops in the house, I have to put on a hazmat suit and even then I go hide in the basement.

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