Amazing Day At The Glue Conference

Man does Eric Norlin know how to put on a conference. And, as a bonus, he’s got an awesome soundtrack and mindblowing trailer for the Glue Conference that Fake Grimlock would love.

Here’s a taste of what’s saturating my brain.

  • Shit My Cloud Evangelist Says, Just Not to the CSO by Chris Hoff, Juniper Networks
  • Foragers, Farmers, Forks & Forgers: On Software, Patronage and Craft Brewing by James Governor, Redmonk
  • Using APIs and Infrastructure by John Musser, Programmable Web
  • NoSQL Smackdown: Cassandra, MongoDB, and Neo4J by Tim Berglund
  • The Badass Beyond Hadoop: Percolator, Dremmel, Pregel by Mike Miller, Clouant

And then it was lunchtime. Breath deeply.

  • John Minnihan


  • Clint Sharp

    Glad you enjoyed it.  Our afternoon track on Big Data was great.  Stop by the Splunk booth tomorrow and say hi if you get a chance.  Daughter’s kindergarten graduation in the early morning, but I’ll be there in the late morning.

    • bfeld

      Will do.

  • tyronerubin

    Sure its Shit My Cloud not Shit My Could.
    And think I know you dont mind, maybe even like community doing a little checking.

    At the part in ‘Inside Apple’ where Adam Lashinky talks about Tim Cook. Really gave me such great insight into Apple’s current CEO.

    • bfeld

      Oops. Thanks for catching. Fixing now.

  • bfeld

    Turned back on Disqus 2012 and testing it.

    • John Minnihan


      • bfeld

        Thx – received.

        • jonathan hegranes

          I don’t believe you get a notification when commenting on your own site, but you should get notifications of replies.

          Also, in your settings, you can tailor your notifications —

          Further, we’re adding more explicit ways to subscribe to particular threads, as opposed to general Disqus settings.

          • bfeld

            Yup – got it.