Welcome to Brad’s Amazing Cloud

I’m now officially in the cloud business, courtesy of my friends at Standing Cloud (we are investors.) Standing Cloud delivers cloud application management solutions for cloud service providers, technology solution providers, and their customers. Their application management layer, automated managed services and Application Storefront make it easy to build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud.

Back in November, I wrote that “If you are a hosting, managed service provider, or building a cloud service (public or private), you have three choices. The first is to ignore this stuff (dumb). The second is to try to build it all yourself and keep pace with Amazon (good luck). The third is to use Standing Cloud.”  And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Basically, Brad’s Amazing Cloud makes me a cloud provider.

Built on a white-label version on the Standing Cloud platform, Brad’s Amazing Cloud provides all the tools to get applications up and running in the cloud quickly, affordably, and without the hassle of managing hardware and infrastructure. So it’s goodbye to server racks, terminal windows, and sys admin headaches.  With Brad’s Amazing Cloud, it’s simple and hassle-free, whether you’re a skilled developer or a non-technical application user.

With Brad’s Amazing Cloud, you get your choice of clouds, applications, and developer frameworks. You can run on AWS, Rackspace, GoGrid, and several other cloud hosting providers. Through the Storefront, you can fire up preconfigured instances of a wide range of open source apps – and you need no technical knowledge to do so. Nearly 100 open-source and commercial apps – including popular business applications like Drupal, WordPress, SugarCRM, openVBX and Magento – are all automatically configured to deploy quickly and reliably on your choice of clouds. A few clicks is all it takes to get your applications up and running. 

All account management with the cloud provider you select is handled transparently – no separate account needed. Pick the cloud of your choice, and change at any time, for any reason. Your applications are completely portable from cloud-to-cloud, so you’re never locked-in to a single cloud service or provider.

Brad’s Amazing Cloud is real, and it’s open for business now. Check it out and tell me what you think.

If you’re a solutions provider looking to provide an application management layer for your customers or resellers, a developer looking for the easiest way to build, deploy and scale applications in the cloud, or just want to get your business up and running in the cloud, quickly, cost effectively and without the typical technical challenges, Standing Cloud may have a solution for you. With their white-label capabilities, your cloud offering can be customized to meet your specific needs (just like they did for me), including branding on the storefront, management console and support pages, and your choice of applications (including proprietary apps and software), infrastructure and supported clouds.

If you want an intro to Standing Cloud, just email me and ask.   I’ll also be doing a webinar with with the Standing Cloud team on Tuesday, May 15th, register here.

  • Cool!  Have you considered a career as a circus barker???  BTW, I clicked on the Live Chat button in your amazing cloud, but the customer service people seem to be taking a long Easter break!

    • Yup – circus barker and auctioneer are both on the list.

  • Hey Brad – I like the white labeling potential here, but you are missing the design/UX/UI aspects. Is that up to the partner, or can standing cloud provide some better page designs and layouts (templates) to choose from?

    BTW, Congrats on the run.  

    • Hi Daniel,

      Joni here from Standing Cloud. Per your question about UI/UX and design, what we ultimately implement depends on the type of partner and their experience with offering these kinds of services to their end-users.  Also, some have greater branding needs than others, and desire to control the overall user experience varies too.  We currently have a pretty large set of styling and feature enabling / disabling we support, and can even support integrating via API, but have not gone so far yet to offer a fully-customizable UI (in terms of being able to reposition elements, change flows, etc.), though we will likely start heading in that direction sooner than later.

      If you have further thoughts on that sort of customization, we’d love to hear more from you!

    • Dave Jilk

      Daniel, adding to what Joni said, we actually have a branding and customization guide that we would happily send you if you’re interested.

      • Not sure I’m a customer at the moment, but I’m interested to see your guide. Email to  dannyhorowitz at googles email service. 

  • Very interesting.  The price variance surprised me too.  Rackspace was $28 a month, others were $100+ for the same specs.  

  • Don’t forget – Standing Cloud deploys to SoftLayer too!

    (Shameless Plug)

    • Dave Jilk

      You mean “Brad’s Amazing Cloud deploys to SoftLayer too!”  

  • Pigdogcat321

    Hey Brad – I like the potential of a white label, but you lack the variousaspects of the design / UX / User Interface.Amazing cloud Click theLive Chat button, but the customer service people seem to spend a long Easter holidays!

  • packaging-paper

    嘿布拉德 – 我喜欢的白色标签的潜力,但你缺乏variousaspects设计/ UX /用户Interface.Amazing云点击theLive聊天按钮,但客户服务的人似乎花了很长时间的复活节假期!

  • This is very interesting …signed up for the webinar. 

  • Lisa O

    Brad – thank you for the intro to Joni, David, Michael and Jason @ Standing Cloud. They moved my site from Media Temple/Plesk and gave me a one-on-one tutorial on how to manage my new cloud. So much easier to navigate! The team is high tech and high-touch. You won’t be routed to a call center or forced to communicate via ‘trouble ticket’. Real people helping me manage my business.

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