Gluecon Is Less Than A Month Away (And Special 10% Bonus Code)

Gluecon is now slightly less than a month away, and if you’re not going, you should. Gluecon is a phenomenal gathering of developers working in the big data, mobile, and cloud computing arenas (where the topic of the API comes up continually). Yet, Gluecon is not “expo-big,” so you’ll be able to actually interact with everyone there, and not feel like you’re drowning in a sea of people amidst a concrete hall full of vendor booths.

The sessions that are assembled for Gluecon are done the right way — namely, there are no panels (zero), and they’re technically deep. Sessions like:

“The Badass Beyond Hadoop: Percolator, Dremmel, Pregel”
“Why MongoDB + Node.js is the new server-side stack”
“Architecting for Performance in the face of Mobile and APIs”
“Building the best mobile libraries to consume all kinds of backend APIs”
“Scaling Mobile Services on Diverse Networks”
“Big Pipes: Architecting for High-Volume Realtime Social Data”
“Securing Your Pocket to The Cloud: OAuth and Mobile Devices”
“Model-Driven Deployment: The Best Practice Successor to Virtual Appliances”

Beyond the sessions, there are three, 4 hour long workshops being presented. They cover:

“Constructing Cloud Architecture the Netflix Way”
“Developing polyglot applications on Cloud Foundry”
“Inside the DevOps PaaS Toolshed”

And there’s a hackathon. And there’s a CloudCamp.

No matter where you live (east coast or west coast or anywhere in between), you should get to Gluecon. And if you’re a developer that lives in Colorado, it’s an absolute must.

Use “brad12” to take 10% off of your gluecon registration. See you there!

  • I’ll be there, can’t wait as I missed it last year.

    • Cool – looking forward to seeing you there.

  • Looking forward assuming I can sort out the monies. Should have pulled the trigger when the price was 650. BTW, your blog title says 20% discount and your blog post says 10%. Cheers

    • Oops. You are correct. Fixed. Mental burp.

  • Frank Miller

    With all due respect, I can’t see myself shelling out $800 for a bunch of startup sales pitches. I can simply look at the agenda, and pick through the acronym soup of stuff they’re using and figure it out from there. Too bad too, I even live in Denver and its a short drive…

    • Hmm. How could that be a sales pitch if most of the sessions are about technical implementations by these startups? That looks like a pretty useful agenda to me.

    • Having been to every Gluecon, it’s the furthest thing from a bunch of startup sales pitches. Eric is relentless about making sure the content is substantive and the discussions around around the tech they are using.

      • Frank Miller

        Glad the focus is on technical discussions. Maybe I should dig around in my pockets and lift the cushions on the couch. It actually does sound like a pretty interesting few days. One thing that might be interesting for those of us that might be money challenged, maybe some cheaper, track oriented passes? Just a thought.

        • I know Eric has considered multiple options including track oriented passes. I think he’s opted to give scholarships and opportunities for deep discounts in certain situations (like the Demo Pods) instead. Part of the value here is getting EVERYONE to fully engage in the whole conference, and he does a magical job of this.

  • Sent this along to a chief developer of one of my projects whose local.

  • thanks Brad. i’m sending our CTO. great conference.

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