The Start-Up of You Debuts At #1

My close friend Ben Casnocha and Reid Hoffman’s new book The Start-Up of You is officially out. And – it’s #1 on Amazon. Not just in some obscure category like Business & Investing: Small Business & Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship, but #1 in all books on Amazon. That’s awesomely cool. And well deserved.

I met Ben about a decade ago. He came to Mobius with his dad to talk about his company Comcate. I think he was 14 or so at the time. I fell in love with him in the first meeting and have been a friend of his ever since. He’s been involved in many things that I’ve worked on, including being an early TechStars mentor and we generally get together for a few days (with my wife Amy) every year or so. It’s been a blast to be part of Ben’s transition from precocious young high school entrepreneur to best selling author (and I expect – after Sunday’s New York Times comes out, a NY Times Bestselling author.)

While I’ve known Reid for a shorter period of time, we’ve spent a fair amount of time together over the past four years as fellow board members at Zynga. A few years ago Reid asked me what I knew about Ben. They’d been hooked up and were talking about doing a book together. When Reid described what he was talking to Ben about, without hesitation I said “Ben’s your guy – you’ll love working with him and he’ll do an awesome job.”

The Start-Up of You is the result of their collaboration. If you haven’t bought it yet, go buy it now – it’s excellent and highly relevant to every human on the planet.

  • Small world

  • hmm.. im a bit unclear on what this book is about.  Is it about being an entrepreneur in the traditional sense, or a self-help book on how to get the career/job of your dreams?

    Reid being a great entrepreneur and also ceo of the largest resume database company, it could go either way.

    • More self-help but the ideas are relevant to anyone / everyone.

      • Thanks for the clarification.  The messaging is a little muddled on this one.  Will add it to the queue.

  • Kindle-ized, thanks. 

  • DaveJ

    If you look carefully at your screen capture, it’s not #1 in all books, it’s #1 in Books -> Education & Reference.

    • Look more carefully. The first item
      Is #1 in Books.

      • DaveJ

        Got it – not parallel to the others.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads-up on this Brad. I just downloaded the audiobook on Audible.

  • Really cool background.  I always enjoy getting a deeper look into the background story of how a project like this came together…  Whether in the comments or a separate post, I would be curious to know a few of your reflections from the book given your relationship/knowledge of the authors.  

    • I’ll probably write up a longer review when their launch dust settles a little. The short version is that it’s a really powerful / useful book – and easy to digest.

  • tgoss

    I finished the audible version in a day and a half!  I honestly thought it was one of the best books I’ve ever read (aside from “do more faster” “:) and have since recommended it to 5 other people who are probably hoping I’ll eventually stop gushing about it.

  • Thanks for sharing such an interesting information.

  • Nice review!  I just got it in audio and excited to listen to it on my way to TED next week.

    Beyond the book, one thing that strikes me about Reid is his continued helpful and humble attitude.  You can see an example of that in this week’s Stanford talk ( where he introduces the book.  

    I saw Reid at Web 2.0 last year when he hinted at this book and is continued commitment to help entrepreneurs around the world is just amazing.

    If I were to use the analogy “the product is as good as the team”, Reid exemplifies the best qualities of the successful entrepreneur.


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