Startup Summer Colorado

One of the fun projects I am involved with is Startup Colorado, a community focused initiative to spur new company creation in Colorado.  One of Startup Colorado’s most promising projects is Startup Summer.

Startup Summer is an immersive summer program offering the opportunity to work as a paid intern for a Boulder/Denver startup and attend a variety of evening events, including a weekly seminar series on entrepreneurship.  We are looking for students at any four-year college or university in Colorado who are aspiring entrepreneurs and want to participate in a program that could change their lives.  If you know a Colorado college student who would want to participate, tell them to apply to Startup Summer:

The idea is simple: work as an intern by day for a great startup, then participate in a variety of evening events that will give you great exposure to the basics of entrepreneurship, including substantive classes on issues that entrepreneurs face, as well as various social events.  As an added layer of fun and relationship building, we’re expecting Startup Summer interns to live together in CU housing in Boulder.

Startup Summer offers a great experience, including:

  • A paid ten-week internship with a Boulder/Denver startup; the internship will include frequent interaction with the company founders and management team
  • The Startup Summer Seminar Series featuring prominent entrepreneurs teaching classes on entrepreneurship
  • A weekly social event with business leaders in the community
  • A community with your peers in Startup Summer through group housing in Boulder
  • An end-of-summer competition with an opportunity to win mentorship from some of Boulder’s finest entrepreneurs and investors

I think this program has the potential to open up high growth entrepreneurship to a wider range of Colorado students than has been possible before. If you are a student at any four-year college or university in Colorado, check it out.

  • Jeff Bussgang

    This is a BIG idea!  We are working on a similar program in Boston as we speak.  Stay tuned!

    • bfeld

      Yup – I know we talked to the Startup Massachusetts folks about what we are doing in Colorado and am psyched there’s a similar program in Boston.

  • Jess Bachman

    Is this part of the Startup america thing?  And if so is Startup summer something that we will see in other StartupAmerica states?

    • bfeld

      Yes. It’s an initiative we created for Colorado and are happy to share with any other states that want to do it.

    • Cory Bolotsky

      Hi Jess,

      We’re doing a similar program inline with Startup CO’s efforts in Massachusetts –  There are a few other programs in DC and SF but for next summer expect it to be in more states around the country!

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