#BEONFIRE Chat Tonight

I’m going to participate in a Twitter chat tonight (#BEONFIRE). It’s a new initiative by @pistachio and @redheadwriting. Their first guest last week was @FAKEGRIMLOCK who, as usual, was ON FIRE.

It’s happening from 8pm – 9pm Mountain (10pm – 11pm Eastern). There’s a real time Twitter chat up or you can just follow me and participate by tagging things with #BEONFIRE. Either way, I’ll be answering any and all questions via Twitter for an hour tonight.

Let’s be on fire together.

  • thanks Brad, we’re really looking forward to it!!

  • If you want to incorporate video you can try vokle.com Only caveat is that there is a bit of audio feedback so if you are on video you need to use headphones

  • I missed the first one. Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere that is is archived? I will make sure I am attending tonight’s!

    • @pistachio

      hiya Brandon. Check the upper left corner of http://twebevent.com/beonfire. It did not hyperlink but there is a long URL to the archive on hashtagging.

      I’m also working on a cleaner “storify


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