Startup Summer In Boulder

If your company is interested in joining Startup Summer, please email me and I’ll get you plugged in.

Startup Summer, a new program from Startup Colorado, will bring hard working, passionate college-age entrepreneurs to Boulder to work as summer interns for startup companies. We are looking for a total of 30 Boulder-based early-stage companies to participate as we are going to try to accomodate 30 students from around Colorado in the first year.

In exchange for free housing in CU-Boulder campus dorms, Startup Summer interns will spend the summer in Boulder interning with companies, learning about the world of startups, and building entrepreneurial business skills. We will hold a “meet the applicants” Startup Summer Speed Dating Night in the spring of 2012. At Speed Dating Night, a pre-screened pool of intern applicants will attend an open networking event in which companies will meet the various applicants in rounds of short interviews. Afterwards, Startup Summer coordinators will match company preferences with applicant preferences to match interns with companies.

Throughout the summer, interns will work during the day at the company that hires them; in the evenings, they will attend various dinners, events, and workshops. At the end of the summer interns will go through a TechStars-like Pitch Night during which any company can come hear their pitch about “what I learned about starting a business” which has the subtext of “why you should hire me as your next employee.”

We are looking for the first 25 startup companies who will commit the following to the entrepreneur interns:

  1. A decent summer wage (suggest between $10-$15/hr);
  2. An intern position with a supervisor/manager who will commit to constructing a meaningful position and spending at least an hour per week supervising;
  3. At least an hour every other week, but preferably every week, with you and the other company founders talking about the entrepreneurial experience, the lessons you’ve learned and answering the questions they’ll be bringing from their evening activities;
  4. Ideally a few hours during the summer with the person accountable for fundraising to teach the experiences of fundraising; and
  5. Ideally attendance at the summer-ending Pitch Night with a few words of introduction of the intern.

In return, Startup Summer will commit to you:

  1. The selection of the most passionate young would-be entrepreneurs in Colorado
  2. Transportation to Boulder and housing
  3. Immersive intern education at night with sessions including “entrepreneurs unplugged”, “topic of the week”, “peer sharing”, “company field trip” and a variety of other evening sessions.
  4. A process whereby you have input on the selection of your intern

Startup Summer is organized and run by Tim Enwall, David Hose, and David Mangum; it is one of multiple projects being developed by Startup Colorado, an initiative to spur new company creation and entrepreneurial spirit throughout the Colorado’s Front Range. Startup Summer has hired a CU student, Eugene Wan, as a Program Coordinator to assist with logistics relevant to applicant recruitment, initial application processing (vetting applicants for Speed Dating Night), intern move-in, and intern activities during the summer. Although certain skill sets like computer programming might be particularly valuable, Startup Summer is designed to be open to any student with demonstrated passion, dependability, and learning ability.

Companies such as Tendril, SendGrid, Rally, Integrate, Gnip, Orbotix, Trada, Next Big Sound, LinkSmart, Standing Cloud, Sympoz, NewsGator, and TechStars have already committed so you’ll be in good company.

If your company is interested in joining Startup Summer, please email me and I’ll get you plugged in.

  • Wow! Sounds neat! Would be great experience for the students..

  • Bstevenson

    My daughter is in the Entrepreneurship Mgmt program at TCU’s Neeley School of Business.  How do the students start the application process?  Sounds fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Brad,  What about Colorado Springs companies? Thanks, Charles

    • Pay attention to (a) this blog and (b) the Startup Colorado web site when it’s formally launched. We’ll have announcements on both.

      • Anonymous

        Been reading the blog daily, got the books and getting our company in order to present to VCs.  Already registered at the Startup Colorado and will be posting more information on VB, Crunch, etc.  Again thanks!

    • We aren’t going to have a formal program in Colorado Springs in year 1. We want to try it out in Boulder, figure out what we need to do to get it right, and if we get it right, roll it out to other Colorado cities (including Colorado Springs) next year.

      • Anonymous

        I thought that might be the case.  We will work with CU-Colorado Springs to see what can be offered.  Thanks!

  • Jim B

    Brad this is fantastic. I wish I had a meaningful internship program like this 20 years ago. Kudos for piloting this and planning so many real mentoring and networking opportunities within the program.

  • thanks for the post! i liked it!

  • Amazing. One of those programs that I would have jumped at.

    Really a great opportunity.

  • Alan Morgan

    Neat program Brad!

  • Does the program apply only to students who go to college in Colorado? Can it also apply to students from Colorado who are going to college elsewhere? 

    This program looks awesome. Thanks for the post Brad.

    • This year we are only doing students from Colorado schools. If it’s a successful program, we’ll expand it next year.

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