Our Awe.sm Investment

Last week we announced our investment in Awe.sm. It’s squarely in our Glue and Protocol themes and is similar to investments we’ve made in SendGrid (for transactional email infrastructure) and Urban Airship (for push notification infrastructure). Oh – and the founders – Jonathan Strauss and Laurie Voss are – well – awesome.

We love things that wire the web together and believe Awe.sm is the company to do that for the construct of “sharing.” Specifically, Awe.sm’s goal is to become the key infrastructure provider powering quantitative performance marketing across the social sharing channel.

If you are a developer of a web app, take a look at how Awe.sm’s platform can help you.

  • Congrats Brad! Isn’t Mark Suster also invested in this one?

    • Yup – Mark and his firm GRP did the seed round investment in Awe.sm and participated with us in this round.

  • Hi Brad,

    I thought that Awe.sm was yet another URL shortener, but it does seem to be a very interesting product.

    I would be interesting to list what are the advantages of using Awe.sm for analytics over Google’s analytics.

    • Hi Fadi,

      awe.sm is primarily designed to be used with Google Analytics, not as a replacement. Google Analytics and other web measurement solutions are great for knowing what happens on your site, but they assume they will be told how the traffic got there (usually by the referring URL of the visit). 

      Because traffic driven to your site by sharing follows a more complicated path to get there, the normal means of attribution (i.e. referring URL) don’t actually tell Google Analytics much useful information about the original share action (e.g. the Tweet or Like or email) that is responsible for the visit. awe.sm’s social-native attribution model along with our turnkey Google Analytics integration connects the dots so that you can now accurately see sharing as a source of traffic (and conversions) in Google Analytics.

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